About Us

We're Split The Bills, here to make life a heck of a lot easier for students with shared utility bills.

We love cake, cocktails and Nerf guns. But most of all, we love bills. Gas. Electric. Water. Even Murray. When we’re not busy splitting bills, you’ll find us chilling down the office bar, The Ale Shed (yes, we have a bar in our office). Pop down anytime. Steve makes a mean Espresso Martini.

Back in 2011, the top dog, Ashley, had a lightbulb moment. Bing! After starting his own student letting company and living with his mates in a student house, he soon found out what a ballache shared bills are; setting up heaps of utility accounts, paying each of these on time and repeatedly nagging his mates for their share of the bills. And so, Split The Bills was born into the world.

Since then, the Split family has grown quite a fair bit (we’ve even had a Split baby and there’s another one in the oven).