So you’re now back at Uni, have settled into your new home, and are trying to get back into the swing of University life. Lectures and seminars are online, the library is shut, and you’re stuck in your home with your housemates, who keep on asking you if you want to watch one more episode of Selling Sunset. Getting used to the new way of learning, thanks to coronavirus, is a tricky one.

Everyone has different ways of learning, and doing your lectures and work from the comfort of your own home might not be for you. Here are some study tips we’ve picked up from students who use Split The Bills already, that might help you get the most out of your course whilst working from home in these uncertain times.

1. Get Up Nice And Early

Whilst it’s very tempting to get up five minutes before your online lecture starts, you’re probably still going to be half asleep. Make sure you’re awake and ready for your day. Take a shower, grab yourself a nice breakfast, and get changed out of your PJs! You’ll feel so much better for it, and will be more alert and ready to take on whatever work your tutor fires over at you.

Do you have a desk that you can use? Similarly to our previous point, as tempting as it is to stay in bed, it’s not going to do your productivity levels any good! Setting up a nice space to study will not only help you feel more organised, but it can also help you to set boundaries between where you do your work, and where you live.

This is useful for helping you to get into a focused mood when you’re working, as well as  allowing you to shut off when it’s time to unwind after.

2. Have a set study space (not your bed!)

3. Engage with your course group chat

Working from home can feel quite lonely at times. If you have a course group chat, lean on it! If not, why not create one? Most other people will also be feeling the same, and keeping connected with everyone will not only help you to feel more engaged and involved, but it also means you have people to discuss any work with.

When you’re working from home, it can be easy to not have a proper rest. Structure your day and plan a few breaks.

Whether you use your breaks for a walk, to cook yourself up a tasty lunch, to call your best mate or to even watch a bit of Netflix, the downtime can help to reduce your stress levels and refresh your mind.

4. Have regular breaks

5. Reduce distractions

We know just how tempting it is to have a quick scroll through Tik Tok (and get stuck scrolling for an hour), or to sit texting your mate rather than listening to your lecturer. 

Distractions can be very consuming, letting your mind drift away, so ensuring that there are minimal things to pull you away from your work can be a great way to work more efficiently. 

It might even be worth having a chat to your housemates, to let them know you’re going to be busy for a few hours, so they can leave you alone to concentrate.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your course whilst working from home. And if your bills are causing a bit of a distraction (has Tom not paid them again?), then remember Split The Bills for next year!

Want to find out more?

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