The new normal is looking different every day...

…even more so for students who are heading to university, or starting back for their next year! Lectures look to be going digital, exams are online and social distancing is here to stay, for now. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of your time at uni though!

With letting agents now open and house viewings taking place again, you’re probably looking to get your student house sorted for the new academic year, and thinking about the things you want to do, so we thought we’d pull together some tips on how you can still get the most out of your uni experience.

1. Food Glorious Food!

Let’s be honest, we all love a bit of good food. At Split The Bills (and for probably everyone across the UK right now), food has become our number one hobby. Are you even living your best lockdown life if you haven’t made a banana bread? Eating well is not only brilliant for supporting both our physical and mental wellbeing, it’s also a great way to connect with others.

How about…

  • Arranging a meat free Monday meal with your housemates (we have a feeling this one will be popular with all you Paul McCartney fans out there!)
  • Trying some new cuisine with a internationally themed meal from somewhere around the world
  • Pretending that you’re way more sophisticated than you actually are by getting your dining table all set up for a nice evening meal (we won’t tell about the empty can of beans we’ve seen in the bin…)
  • Find your inner Mary Berry and have a Bake Off evening, or maybe even host your very own dinner party with your housemates, Come Dine With Me style (with all the grace of a reversing dump truck)
  • Support your local businesses and order some tasty grub from a local cafe, restaurant or takeaway (pizza, anyone?)

With unlimited exercise on the cards, socially distanced urban exploration is a great way to keep the endorphins pumping, whilst discovering what your city has to offer!

Hand sanitizer and physical distancing is a must, but why not round up your housemates and cycle to that historical landmark, walk that urban trail or explore what green spaces your adopted town or city has to offer!

2. Explore Your City

3. Keep A Blog

Although this lockdown seems like it will never end, and for some is proving quite difficult, it’s worth remembering we’re living through a major part of history that’ll be talked about for decades, even centuries to come.

Keeping a blog (or vlog) of your experiences throughout these strange times might not just keep you and your housemates entertained, but it might be something to show the grandkids one day!

Your student house quickly becomes your second home, and especially as you’ll be spending a lot more time there during this lockdown, why not get it looking all nice and homely and order some bargain interior decorations with your housemates?

It’s magic what some fairy lights and a nice throw can do to a room, and it’ll certainly help lift your mood! Or how about chipping in with your housemates for some garden furniture, so you can sit out and enjoy the sunshine?

4. Home Sweet Home!

5. Get Online

Even though the lockdown has meant we’ve all been unable to spend any quality time, face-to-face, with those closest to us, thankfully a little thing called the internet has swooped in to save the day! From family quizzes, to virtual house parties on Zoom with your mates, video calls are a great way to touch base with the people you care about from the comfort of your home.

You could also explore virtual, online gigs from your local music venue, or binge watch your favourite TV show with your mates via Netflix Party.  There are endless opportunities to keep yourself connected and entertained!

We hope that this blog has triggered some ideas to make your next year of uni as good as it can be. The new normal is going to be very different, but together we can get through it. Keep yourself safe and active, and when you’re ready to start your uni adventure again, we’ll be ready to help with all things bills!

Stay safe.

Everyone at Split The Bills.

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