Is £1.50 For Stress-Free Bills Really That Cheap?

Written by Charlotte Sides

is £1.50 Really That Cheap?

You may have noticed us banging on about the fact that it only costs £1.50 a week for Split The Bills to take the faff out of utilities and leave you super stress free.

But is £1.50 really that cheap? We did a bit of research to find out what you can actually buy for a quid fifty. Spoiler: it isn’t much.

You can’t even get half a pint.

It’s Friday afternoon. It’s time to get yourself to the pub to celebrate surviving another week. The average cost of a pint in the UK is £3.10 which means that in a load of pubs and bars, you can’t even get half a pint for £1.50. You might be lucky enough to end up in one of the pubs where you can get a half for a quid fifty but let’s be honest, who wants half a pint anyway?

You can just about print your dissertation.

You’ve worked your butt off for months to finish your dissertation. 30 pages of blood, energy-drink-saturated sweat, and tears. For £1.50, you can just about print it off in the library in black and white. Your budget won’t stretch to colour (so bad luck if you’ve got some lovely pictures in there) and don’t even think about getting it bound.

Portion of chips after a night out? Think again.

It’s the end of the night and you’re gazing lovingly at the chip shop menu. If you only had £1.50 left in your pocket, you couldn’t even get yourself a portion of chips. The average price of a chip shop chips is £1.56, and that’s just in the North. If you live down South, you probably couldn’t even stretch to a pot of mushy peas.

You can get on the London Underground… in Zone 6.

Everyone ends up in the capital every now and then. Whether you live there, study there, or are just visiting, the good news is that you can get on the Underground with your measly £1.50 budget. The bad news is that it will have to be a one way ticket out to Zone 6, from at least Zone 2 (so no hopping on in the centre), and it has to be off peak. For those of you who don’t know London that well, Zone 2 is about 2 to 5 miles out of the centre and Zone 6 is about 12 to 16 miles. So yea, you can get on the London Underground for a quid fifty but it’s pretty inconvenient.

You can have a hassle free student life.

Enough talking about all the things you can’t (or can just about) buy for £1.50. The point of all this is to show you that our management fee is pretty cheap. With Split The Bills, this is what a quid fifty gets you.

More Time
We’ll set everything up for you so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone to a gazillion utility suppliers. Less time faffing = more time in the pub.

Fewer Fallouts
We’ll split your bills equally and your housemates pay us directly so you’re not squabbling over who owes who what. Fewer fallouts = happy housemates.

Better Budgeting
We’ll set up one monthly payment date so you don’t have to keep tabs on loads of different due dates. Better budgeting = more money for pizza.

Sound good? Get your 30 second quote to start your hassle free student life.

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