Top Tips To Sorting Your Student Bills.

Written by Charlotte Sides

Moving into a shared house is one of the best experiences of your University days. The majority of people make friends for life with the people they live with. There is one huge hassle though that frequently gets in the way of this fairy tale ending…bills.

Organising shared bills can be an absolute nightmare and can cause one very unsettled household, thanks to the awkwardness of people not paying bills, not being on top of payments and also ending up with one hefty bill at the end of your tenancy.

So here are some Top Do’s and Don’ts to help you sort your shared student bills with no drama.


Do…Read your meters straight away
Read your gas and electric meters on the day your tenancy agreement starts, to avoid paying for any energy the previous tenants used. If you haven’t already taken some meter readings, do it TODAY.
Do…Organise your bills immediately
Avoiding bills will bite you in the long run, as you’ll only rack up debt on your account. If you start paying your bills in the summer, you’ll build up credit to cover higher energy use over the winter – making your life much easier.
Do…Get a great deal
Some of the ‘Big 6’ energy companies have been fined by Ofgem recently for misleading customers by enticing them to join with low monthly payments, which usually leads to a huge final bill. Smaller companies are often cheaper with better customer service.


Don’t…Setup a Direct Debit in only your name
Your energy company will ask you to setup a Direct Debit. By doing so, you’ll be responsible for the energy bills for the whole house. If these bills aren’t paid, it could impact your credit score.
Don’t…Wait to receive your first bill
You’re responsible for the energy in your house from the date your tenancy agreement starts, not the date you move in. By the time you receive your first bill, you’ll already have been charged on your supplier’s standard tariff, which is usually their most expensive.
Don’t…Put good friendships at risk
One of the biggest reasons friends fall out is over money – don’t put yourself in charge of the household bills. Chasing housemates for money they owe you is awkward and can be avoided easily, by using Split The Bills.

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