11th December 2020

Where you live while at Uni can make a big difference...

Your student residence is where you’ll spend a lot of your time, especially (at the time of this blog being written!) with the second national lockdown and the COVID-19 restrictions in place.

It’s important to choose the right place to live in your second and third years of university, and it can be difficult to decide what you want to do.

Who are you going to live with? How much do you want to spend on rent? Do you want to move into private halls or a house?

You’re probably already thinking about all of these questions, and also potentially starting to look at properties for your next year of uni!

We’ve pulled together a handy list to help you decide what the best option for you is – student halls or private housing.

For us, it makes more sense to find your feet around a new city and meet new people by moving into halls for your first year. Once you’re set, get a house for you and your new friends!

Student bills sorted at University

Private Housing

1. You can choose who you live with

One of the scariest things for many students moving into halls is the fact you don’t know who you’re going to be living with! 

One good thing about moving into a house is that you can pick who you want to live with, and most importantly, who you don’t.

Perhaps you get on better with your course mates and want to live with them, and want to say farewell to your current flatmates!

2. Smaller group numbers

Another benefit of private housing is you’re not going to be packed in with a load of random students!

Not only can you pick who you live with, but you can also pick how many of you will be moving in together.

Especially with COVID-19, it’s probably wise to limit how many people you are coming into direct contact with, and a smaller group of people means less risk of exposure!

3. More Homely

A house can also be a lot more homely than living in student halls!

Rooms in student halls are known to be very generic and clinical, which can make it difficult for them to feel really cosy.

You can often find properties with a lot more character and quirks, and you will also have more freedom to decorate and get your room to how you want it with a house!

4. Cheaper

As private student halls are normally in prime locations, and quite modern, they can charge a premium.

This doesn’t mean that by choosing a house you’re going to be stuck in the middle or nowhere, or in an old, crumbling building, however.

The beauty of choosing a student house is you can pick the perfect house and location, and often you’ll find that most cities have areas that are popular with students too, meaning you can still live in a student ‘hub’.

The fact that many student hall prices includes bills can also bump the price up

Bills are often a lot cheaper to sort out when you find them yourself, and living in a house gives you the flexibility to find the right bill package for you. Split the Bills helps you and manages this process, did you know that you can get a quote with Split The Bills for your house for next year?

We have a range of packages that can be tailored to your needs, from risk-free energy to super fast broadband, and more.

Uni Halls

1. More Modern

Often private student halls are relatively newly-built properties, meaning you can find some gorgeous, modern flats to live in!

You might also get other added benefits, including a cleaner or even a cool common room to hang out in, which you won’t get in a private house.

2. Good Location

A lot of private halls are also based in key locations, either in the city centre or near your university buildings.

This can make getting to lectures and around town a lot easier and convenient. Winner!

3. Better Security

Many private student halls have their own security teams/systems in place, making them extremely secure.

They will often have codes or key fobs to enter the building, whereas a private house may be more vulnerable to people gaining access.

4. Meet New People

Unless you move into a flat with some people you already know, staying in student halls means you can meet more new people!

This might be a good option if you’re not wanting to live with your current housemates again, or are wanting to make some new friends.

Want to find out more?

Hopefully our list helps you to make you decision, and remember, if you are going to be moving into a house next year, why not get a price for your bills from us today? Check out SplitTheBills now and make life easier for everyone in your shared student house.

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