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Free Smart Meters

We’re rolling out smart meters to all of our properties, so you’ll never have to send a meter reading again!

So, What Are Smart Meters?

✓ They automatically send meter readings


✓ They keep track of your energy usage


✓ They’re a small device you can take around the house


✓ They’re a great way to see if you need to decrease your usage!

Also, they are installed for free!

"How Can Smart Meters Help Me?"

No more sending meter readings

Never send a meter reading again, as a smart meter will do it for you.

Track what you’re spending in pounds

You can see a live reading of your spending in pounds and pence. 

See what’s using the most energy

Make adjustments to your usage and save lots of money in the year!

Nice! How Do They Work?

Don’t worry about any of your private information, it’s all safely stored much like how bank details are. Secure, private, and send via a smart meters own network separate to your WiFi. You can choose how often you want to send your meter readings too!

Interested Or Have Any Questions?

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