A few reasons why students choose us

With almost 10 years in the bill-splitting business, we've worked hard to build the best service out there.

Why we're different

With a handful of student bill companies out there, why should you choose us to look after your bills?

Main competitor

Split The Bills

Our main competitor might look cheaper, but you’ll need to pay an upfront deposit equivalent to one month’s bills. Overall you could end up paying more (you’ll pay for 13 months for a 12 month tenancy).

We offer an unlimited energy plan, this means you won’t have a low energy allowance or run the risk of getting a final bill when you move out. Don’t stress about housemates who forget to turn lights or heating off. Our unlimited energy plan has it covered.

Over 30% of customers with our main competitor get lumped with another bill to pay once they’ve moved out. Take our Unlimited energy plan and you’ll have 0% risk of a final energy bill.

Experience award-winning Virgin Media fibre broadband with average speeds of 362Mbps available. That’s a whopping 149Mbps faster than what you’ll get with our competitor’s fastest broadband!

We don't charge a hefty deposit

Other companies out there can look cheaper on the surface. That’s because they make up the costs by charging you a chunky upfront deposit or set up fee, sometimes equivalent to one month’s payment. If you’re on a 12 month contract, you’ll end up paying for 13 months! 

With us, there are no deposits or set up fees. Winner. See how our Eco Saver and Unlimited packages compare below.

Prices are based on a 4 bed house in London on a 10 month contract with energy, water, TV licence & 200Mbps Virgin Media broadband. 

We keep your credit score safe

No Joint Bank Account

Joint bank accounts put your credit score at risk as you’re co-scored with all account holders. If others’ scores are poor, this will affect yours.

Pay From Own Bank Account

With us, your credit score is safe as each housemate pays their own share of the bills from their own bank account.

Safe Credit Score

A poor credit rating can prevent you from getting credit cards, mortgages and loans – so it’s super important to protect it! 

No risk of a final bill

Avoid the risk of getting a surprise bill when you move out. 

With our Unlimited Energy plan, you can use the energy you need without the worry of getting a huge final bill at the end of tenancy, unlike other bill management companies or using a energy supplier directly.

We do all the leg work

As well as sorting and splitting your bills, we’ll even chase your housemates if they don’t pay their share on time.

Unlike the leading bill-splitting app where you’ll be charged if your housemate doesn’t pay within 7 days, we do our best to help.

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We’ve got the answers. Head here for more questions we’re often asked.

It’s easy… simply add the services you need in your shared house to your bills package and create an account for your house. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a join link to share with your housemates. All they need to do is follow the link and add their details so we know who to split the bills between.

When all housemates have signed up, we’ll get the ball rolling with setting up your services. Each housemate will pay the same amount every month from their own Direct Debit. We then use this to pay your bills. 

From then on, it’s pretty much plain sailing. You’ll need to submit some meter readings every quarter so we can keep an eye on your energy usage. Other than that, you and your housemates can sit back, relax and live happier, together. 

Not with us.

We used to charge a set up fee and a weekly management fee but this is no longer the case. You’ll pay the same amount each month, no fees, no fuss.

Unlike direct energy suppliers and other bill management companies, you won’t get a surprise final energy bill when you move out with our new ‘unlimited energy’ plan. Pay one fixed amount and have the freedom to use the energy you need without the worry of a huge bill after you’ve moved out.

Most bill-splitting apps are free to download BUT you’ll need to manage the bills yourself and can find yourself in a lot of trouble if your housemates don’t pay. With the leading student bill-splitting app, if your housemate doesn’t pay within 7 days then the rest of the housemates are charged! With us, we’ll do all the chasing if your housemates don’t pay, meaning you’re less at risk of paying for their share.

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