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Split Perks LogoYour service has been amazing to us and would love to carry on with your service next year.

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If you're thinking about joining Split The Bills, we thought you might want to hear what our customers think about us. Below you'll find some truly lovely and completely honest feedback from some of our customers.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

  • Thank you greatly for your amazing service, you removed so many worries from this year by sorting all of our bills for us that we could focus on our studies without the stresses of needing to manage different bills to different companies, and I greatly appreciate how easy and stress free the entire process has been. Your work is amazing and i would 100% recommend you to other students in the future for just how easy this year has been due to us using Split The Bills.

    Ben Owen

  • Many thanks for making our year a lot simpler and for the fantastic customer service we've experienced every time we've been in touch. We will certainly be using your service again in the future and recommending it to friends!

    Laura Blessitt

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  • From moving from a competitor to yourselves as a result of terrible customer service, we were a little dubious as to what we should expect from previous experience, however we're all collectively glad we did…and wish we'd have known about you the first time around.

    Bryonny Slade

  • You guys have been easy and simple! there's been no headaches, haven't stressed about bills once this year. the process is easy and smooth!

    Sultan Dagli

  • Overall, the service we have had has been fantastic. Despite several problems with one of our housemates regarding non-payment, I have found the team at Split The Bills to be nothing be helpful and supportive. The situation has been extremely frustrating but I have been able to rely on the team to be there when I needed advice on what to do. I think the value for money is excellent, many of my course mates are extremely jealous that we have Sky Movies at such a good price! I will definitely recommend your services to any student and have even told my landlord to let his other future tenants know all about you.

    Rebecca Madden

  • You guys have been so brilliant. Thank you again for all of your help, and I'll be sure to recommend Split The Bills to my friends!

    Samuel Dedman

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  • The service has been great. You have always answered our queries and helped us where needed so thank you.

    Amy Brown

  • Split the bills have been amazing for the past two years, I'd recommend them to anyone. The customer service has been so fast, friendly and helpful. Thanks!

    Suzie Cichy

  • STB always amaze us with your brilliant customer service!

    Robyn Kyriakou

  • I have used split the bills for the last 2 years and I absolutely adore the service. You've helped me to make paying my bills a less daunting procedure and have taken the pressure away from organising finances.

    Katherine Hogarth

  • I was very impressed with the customer support I received when we were having difficulties swapping our utilities services over to you.

    George Robinson

  • Your service has been amazing to us and would love to carry on with your service next year.

    Ashleigh Stevens

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  • It's nice to know not everyone's out to leave us out of pocket!

    Callum Bateman

  • Very hassle free and cooperative.

    Adam Henderson

  • You've been very useful and everything has gone smoothly!

    Charlie Cox

  • Not having to have different accounts for everything makes life so much easier. Especially when you're a student and you're worrying that you're going to get a massive gas bill.. I'd recommend it to anyone.

    Sophie Bennion

  • Almost every student at Uni has had a problem with either bills or one housemate not paying their share, this service removes this frustrating problem. Split the bills allowed us to focus on our university studies rather than deal with problems with these bill companies.

    Hannah Sykes

  • Split the bills has been so handy and stress free, it's been great only being accountable for our own share, any problems we've had have been easily sorted with the help of staff.

    Madeleine Atkins

  • Good experience with Split the Bills, very professional and helpful.

    Luke Williams

  • It was very easy to set up and we have had no problems.

    Will Sinclair

  • Using split the bills has saved a lot of hassle and made uni life a little bit less stressful so we'll all definitely be willing to recommend you to anyone moving into a shared house.

    Beckie Grove

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  • The service is really useful, you have always been attentive and got back to us quickly regarding anything we have needed or asked.

    Maisie Daniels

  • Finally thanks so much for being such a great company: made our students life that much easier over the past two years. All the staff are so friendly and helpful, efficient and we've honestly not had a single problem when dealing with you.

    Suzie Cichy

  • You and your colleagues honestly made our year a lot easier than it could have been so I sincerely do appreciate everything.

    Mert Aycil

  • Couldn't give enough praise to @SplitTheBills a bunch of friendly, professional bunch you can ask for. Would recommend to #Students #Housing

    Martin Crimmins

  • Thank you for dealing with our countless calls with every question under the sun. Brill customer service! Will def recommend @SplitTheBills

    Amy Bush

  • Would definitely recommend @SplitTheBills to other students! Great service and they've sorted out everything for us. (:

    Jennifer Louisa

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  • We are very happy with the service and appreciate the quality that you bring to the table.

    Jerry Adjei

  • I have been incredibly happy with the service and will be recommending it to my sister who is about to start University!

    Thomas Hill

  • You have been a great service to use and I'm glad we found you guys :)) it's made our uni lives a lot easier not having to worry about splitting the bills between us.

    Parece Kelaiah Bell

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