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Kids off to uni?
Paying their first utility bills?

We're here to help.

As a parent, your job is never done. The kids may have flown the nest, but that’s not going to stop you worrying about them. We’re here to take away the stress and hassle of their shared, utility bills. 

How Split The Bills Works

In a nutshell, we’ll set up your son’s or daughter’s selected utilities and split the cost equally between all housemates, taking the responsibility off their (and your) shoulders.


From ultrafast Virgin Media broadband, Gas & Electricity with zero daily standing charges, plus Water and TV Licence, we’ve got it covered.

No Standing charges

We're partnered with a local energy company, and together we've ditched all daily standing charges.

100 % green energy

Our local energy company provides 100% green electricity; generated solely from only good sources; wind, hydro and solar.


We're partnered with Virgin Media, meaning we can offer ultrafast VIVID 350 broadband with no download limits.

Student-Based Energy Allowances

Our student-based energy allowances are built around the flexibility of student living and offer a zero standing charge rate. Meaning your son or daughter won’t pay for an energy supply when their property is empty.

One Monthly Payment

We bundle all our services into one, simple monthly payment. Making it easier for your son or daughter to manage their finances and giving you peace of mind.

Simple Payment Plans

Our estimated payment plans are calculated from years of experience and offer your son or daughter a comfortable, monthly payment plan, that perfectly suits their needs. 

Avoid Chasing Housemates

You don’t want your son or daughter to be left out of pocket when their housemates drag their feet with paying their share of the bills. At Split The Bills, each housemate is responsible for their own share of the bill.

We're 'Great'

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