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So you’ve sorted your house, and now you’ve got the nightmare of sorting your bills… that’s where we come in.

How Does Split The Bills Work?

Bills don’t have to be confusing, stressful or time consuming. Watch this video for a quick overview of how it works and what we can do to help you.

Why Us?

Superfast Broadband

Get Virgin Media's VIVID 350 Broadband with unlimited downloads.

100% Green Energy

Our energy supplier uses completely green energy; let's save the environment.

One Monthly Payment

Pay just one company once a month to get all of your bills bundled up and sorted together.

Your Referral Code

Use this referral code when you sign up to show you’re a Uhouzz tenant. Click the button below to get an instant quote, simply select the services you need and we’ll give you a price per week per housemate. Easy.


What’s more, you’ll get access to Split Perks

Thousands of discounts for your favourite brands and companies, from us to you.