If you smell Gas or suspect there is a gas leak, YOU MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY!

Here’s what to do:

  • Open your doors and windows.
  • DO NOT use your mobile phone inside your house, make sure you go outside or to your neighbour’s house.
  • DO NOT touch any electrical switches, either to turn off or on. This includes light switches and doorbells.
  • DO NOT smoke, light any matches or any other naked flames.
  • Make sure that the gas supply to an appliance has not been left on or that the pilot light on your boiler has not gone out.
  • If you know how to and feel confident in doing so, turn off the gas supply at the meter.
  • Call the free Gas Emergency Services emergency number – 0800 111 999 (go outside to make the call if using a mobile phone).

If you’re experiencing a power cut, here’s what to do…

Sometimes, the power may cut out or ‘trip’ in an isolated part of your home. You’ll need to check your fuse box and flip the relevant switch to get things working again. 

If there’s no electricity for the whole of your street, you may be experiencing a power cut. If this is the case, call your electricity network operator on 105 to find out when it’ll be back up and running.

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