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Yes! We can get your meters swapped for credit meters meaning you no longer have to top-up with a key or card. Once you join Split The Bills, we’ll be able to see what kind of meter you have and will arrange for your meters to be swapped by our supplier.

If you have to top-up your meter whilst we’re working on getting your meters swapped, you can send us your receipts and we’ll arrange a refund for you.

Electric meters usually come with a key and gas meters with a card – you’ll need to locate these. The previous tenants should have left the top-up key or card for the meter in the property (or in the meter) so you are able to top up straight away.

If there are no keys or cards left in the property, then we will need to organise replacements. To do this, you can either pop to a PayPoint location where you may be able to obtain a replacement. Alternatively, give us a call on 0330 053 9350 and we can order a replacement for you.

If the key or card has been left in the property you can take them anywhere that displays the ‘PayPoint’ sign, to purchase credit, these are normally local convenience stores or post offices.

Once you have obtained a top-up for your key or card you need to register this to your meter. You do this by inserting the key or card into the meter and leaving it in place until the display on the meter changes. You will see the amount you are crediting to the meter and then the total balance.

You’ll need to send us meter readings on the day you move in so that we can open your account. We’ll send you an email to remind you and tell you how to send them to us. We’ll give you a unique link so you can enter your readings directly onto your account.

We’ll ask you for meter readings every couple of months during your contract and again on the day that you move out.

Sometimes bills or letters may be delivered to your address whilst we’re in the process of switching over the account from the previous tenants. If you’ve received a bill from an Energy supplier, send a copy to hello@splitthebills.co.uk, making sure to include a copy of each page. We’ll review the bill and let you know if you need to do anything.

If you’re experiencing a power cut, it may be that the power has cut out or ‘tripped’ in an isolated part of your home. You’ll need to check your fuse box and flip the relevant switch to get things working again.

If there’s no electricity for the whole of your street, you may be experiencing a power cut. If this is the case, call your electricity network operator on 105 to find out when it’ll be back up and running.

If you smell Gas or suspect there is a gas leak, open your doors and windows and make sure you don’t touch any electrical switches, use your mobile phone indoors or light any matches or other naked flames.

Call the free Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111 999 for help.

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