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We take the fuss out of your shared, student bills.

Join 50,000+ students and counting.
More time. Less hassle. Happy housemates.

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How It Works

Fed up of feeling stressed and overwhelmed with utility bills? We’re here to make life easier for you and your housemates.


Be the hero of your house! Join Split The Bills and have a bill-stress free life.

We make shared, student bills a breeze.

Whether you’re living in a party house of 10, a cosy 2-bed or somewhere in between, we make life easier by setting up, managing, and splitting your bills.

  1. The Dilemma

    Loads of bills from different suppliers and stress from chasing housemates for money... utter CHAOS!

  2. Join Split The Bills

    All your utilities managed for you, just one bill each month and your housemates pay us direct.

  3. The Result

    Less hassle, more time for the fun stuff, happy housemates and… a STRESS-FREE student life!

Why join Split The Bills?

No arguing with housemates about money.

No more arguing with your housemates about money

Each housemate contributes towards their own share of the bills so you don’t have to awkwardly chase them for money every month.

One payment for all bills.

One payment for all your bills

You’ll make just one monthly payment to cover all your bills, saving you from making four or five different payments each month.

Only pay for what you use.

Avoid huge bills when you move out

Lots of companies charge a low amount over the year, then slap you with a mahoosive bill at the end. Your quote is tailored especially for people living in shared housing. Submit regular meter readings and there’s little chance of paying extra at the end of your tenancy.

If you're away, you shouldn't pay...

See ya, standing charges…

We’re the only bill management company that doesn’t charge a daily fee for gas and electric. So, if nobody’s home, you won’t be racking up energy costs. Scrapping standing charges will save you up to £500, on average, a year!

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  • Plusnet
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