Include Bills.
Attract More Tenants.
Increase Fee Income.

Split The Bills works in partnership with hundreds of letting agents nationwide to take the pain out of managing utility bills. We have a number of market leading packages tailored specifically to your needs.

Bills Inclusive Made Easy

We provide your properties with the works: gas, electricity, water, TV licence and superfast broadband. All in one, consolidated, monthly bill. Bills Inclusive is ideal for attracting more tenants whilst also minimising your workload. What's more, it's a way of you earning extra revenue.

Why Bills Inclusive?

Attract More Tenants

Our recent survey shows that more than 70% of students and tenants in shared properties want bills included in their rent.

Reduce Admin

Letting agents employ at least one FTE to sort out the bills for their portfolio! Save your time and reduce your admin costs to zero.

Increase Agent Fees

The lettings agents working with us can increase their agent fee income by 25% on average. Get in touch to find out what you could earn.

Online Dashboard

  • All Of Your Properties In One Easy Dashboard
  • Monitor Tenants Usage 24/7
  • Submit Meter Readings Anytime
  • Easy & In Depth Summary
  • Weekly Notifications
Track Tenant Usage 24/7

Our online dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor your tenants’ energy usage. Get weekly usage updates to help you stay in the loop.

Efficient Energy Partnership

We have a close partnership with a local energy company, meaning we can manage your supplies more efficiently and with ease.

Personal Account Manager

Rest easy knowing your account manager has all of your utilities under control. From setup to transfer to broadband support, we’ve got it covered.

Easy Referrals

Bills Inclusive not for you? You can refer your tenants directly to us. They’ll get their bills sorted and you’ll earn commission with minimal effort.

Don't Just Hear It From Us...

Student Cheat Sheet!
Managing your student finances

Worried about money next student year? We’ve got a free guide built for you!

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