Budgeting's a doddle...

One fixed monthly payment

Same amount. Same day every month. All your shared, student bills sorted.

No nasty surprises

No unexpected high energy bills. No final bills to bite you when you move out.

No sneaky fees or deposits

Save stacks. No set up fees, upfront deposits or management fees.

Get the best of everything

Need blisteringly fast broadband? Want worry-free energy? You’ve got it.

Ultrafast Broadband

Experience award-winning Virgin Media fibre broadband with average speeds of 362Mbps available. That's ultrafast!

Unlimited Energy

Forget about surprise bills, with unlimited energy you'll only pay one price a month with no huge final bill. Nice!

100% Green Electricity

We only use suppliers that provide electric from completely renewable sources. Help save the environment!

We've got your back

Only pay your fair share

No joint, shared account needed. Everyone pays their own share from their own bank account.

No sweat if mates forget

Don’t stress about housemates who forget to turn lights or heating off. Our unlimited energy plan has it covered.

We split the responsibility

Every housemate is equal. There’s no chief-bill payer. No chasing mates. No falling out over unpaid bills.

Don't just take our word for it...

How it works

The best ideas are always the simplest. Let’s just say that you don’t need a degree to Split The Bills – just a few minutes. Start by picking the services you need from broadband, water, energy and TV licence and go from there.

1. Build your ideal package

2. All tenants join account

3. We set up your services

4. Each pay monthly share

Got some questions?

It’s easy… simply add the services you need in your shared house to your bills package and create an account for your house. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a join link to share with your housemates. All they need to do is follow the link and add their details so we know who to split the bills between.

When all housemates have signed up, we’ll get the ball rolling with setting up your services. Each housemate will pay the same amount every month from their own Direct Debit. We then use this to pay your bills. 

From then on, it’s pretty much plain sailing. You’ll need to submit some meter readings every couple of months so we can keep an eye on your energy usage. Other than that, you and your housemates can sit back, relax and live happier, together. 

You can get all services you need for your shared house: broadband, water, gas, electric – even TV licence. 

If your house is in a Virgin Media area, you can lap up average broadband speeds of 362Mbps.

Nope. Nada. Nothing. No setup fees, no management fees and certainly no upfront deposits. 

This all depends on the services you add to your package, the area you live in and the number of housemates splitting the bills. To get a price, start building your package here.

You won’t pay for any set up fees, upfront deposits or management fees with us. Just the cost of your package and nothing more.

Still have questions?

Ready for easier bills?

It only takes 30 seconds to get a price.

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Managing your student finances

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