Shared Bills,
Made Easy.

Energy. Broadband. Water. TV.
All in one monthly bill, split equally.

Trusted by thousands of students.

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You can pick and choose your services to suit you and your housemates.


Risk-Free gas & electricity


Superfast fibre broadband


From Your Local Supplier

TV Licence

Full colour TV licence

What We Do

Sorting shared bills is stressful, let us take it off your hands.

Don't Deal With Multiple Suppliers.

Bundle all your bills into one payment

Bills are boring. Why stress over multiple ones, when we can help you budget easier by bundling them into one? Choose the services you need and we’ll set you up.

Don't Have Awkward Bill Conversations.

Everyone pays their fair share

We split the bills equally between housemates and set up separate Direct Debits for each of you. No single housemate gets lumbered with the responsibility. No upfront payment or deposit. No risk to your credit score. No footing the bill for others. No fall outs.

Don't Lose Time To Bills.

We’ll sort your bills, you enjoy yourself

Looking after the bills is our job. We’ll tailor a package to you guys from suppliers we trust. The option of risk-free energy usage, too. We’re friendly, helpful, jargon-free and are always here for you. Be in safe hands. No worries or hassle.

Why Students Choose

Split The Bills

Risk-Free Energy

With our Energy Package, you pay your monthly payment and avoid an unexpected over-usage bill when you move out to a new place.

Broadband Speeds Up To 500Mbps

We can get you superfast Broadband with Virgin Media Business, giving you speeds of up to 500Mbps! Perfect for bigger households with lots of devices.

People You Can Count On

We’re the most trusted provider with reviews to prove it! We’ve been sorting bills for 10 years, so we know our stuff. We're kind and want to make your bills easy.

Packages To Suit You

Pick and choose the package that suits you, we can sort your Gas, Electric, Broadband, Water & TV Licence. Just let us know what you need.

100% Renewable Electricity​

All our electricity is 100% renewable, so with us you’re doing your bit for the planet. We’ll also offer you a smart meter, so no more visits to the cellar for meter reads!

No Hidden Fees Or Deposits

Unlike other providers, we won’t ask you to pay a deposit or setup fee upfront and we don’t charge management fees. You pay for your services and that’s it.

What Our Customers Say

Ready For Hassle-Free Bills?

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Tell us where your house is, how many housemates there'll be, then choose your services and we'll get you a price.

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Once you're happy with your price for your services, you can set up an account in under two minutes with a few more details.

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We'll give you a join link which you can share with housemates. Once everyone has joined, we'll do the rest!

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