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Attract Tenants.

Start increasing your income today.

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Why Split the Bills?

Have No Involvement In Utilities

We completely take the bills out of your hands, saving you time and effort on admin.

Attract More Tenants With All Inclusive

Tenants love properties with bills included, make your portfolio stand out.

We're Rated Excellent

Students love & trust us with their bills, we're rated excellent on Trustpilot.

Why All Inclusive?

Stand Out

75% of students prefer accommodation that comes with bills included. Stand out against competitors who don't offer all inclusive.

Increase Enquiries

Students prefer properties that include bills, making your portfolio more likely to receive bookings compared to those without.

Additional Revenue

Generate additional income through referral payments. You'll receive commission for each tenant that signs up.

Split the Bills is

Partnered With UniHomes

Free Advertising With UniHomes

By including bills, you have the additional benefit of being able to advertise on UniHomes, completely free of charge.

Trusted By 100's Of Letting Agents

UniHomes work with 100's of letting agents across the country who say they generate more enquiries than any other platform.

Generate Enquires 24/7

Students are able to browse, compare and enquire about properties. All inclusive enquiries are sent directly to you via email and SMS.

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Request A Callback

What date & time best suits you?

Please choose a weekday between 9AM - 5PM.

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