How It Works

Shared bills can be a hassle. We make them easy and safe.

Four steps to easier bills


Build your ideal package

Get Uncapped Gas & Electricity and add superfast broadband, water or a TV licence 


Everyone Joins The Account

No need to pick a chief bill-payer, we’ll give you a link once you join to share with your housemates.


We set up your services

Once everyone has joined, we can begin setting up the utilities for your house. Sit back, and relax.


Each pay Your monthly share

Avoid being out of pocket and chasing your mates for bill money or falling out over unpaid bills!

Our uncapped Energy plan gives you the freedom to use what you need with no unexpected bills.

We make sure you're covered

No unexpected bills

Our Uncapped Gas & Electricity plan gives you the freedom to use what you need with no unexpected bills.

We do all the leg work

If your housemates don't pay their share, we'll do the chasing so you don't have to.

No hidden charges

No set up fees or upfront deposits.

We Use The Best Suppliers

We use award-winning Virgin Media for broadband and trusted gas & electricity providers

Keep Your Credit Score Safe

Sharing a joint bank account can put your credit score at risk. You all pay from your own bank.

We Split The Cost

Avoid paying more than your housemates. Each pay the same every month.

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