How It Works

Shared bills can be a hassle. We make them easy, fair and safe.

Four steps to easier bills


Build your ideal package

Choose from our energy packages, superfast broadband, water and a TV licence.


Everyone Joins The Account

No need to pick a chief bill-payer, we’ll give you a link once you join to share with your housemates.


We set up your services

Once everyone has joined, we can begin setting up the utilities for your house. Sit back, and relax.


Each pay Your monthly share

Avoid being out of pocket and chasing your mates for bill money or falling out over unpaid bills!

We make sure you're covered

No risk of an unexpected bill

Our Unlimited Energy plan gives you the freedom to use what you need with no unexpected bills.

We do all the leg work

If your housemates don't pay their share, we'll do the chasing so you don't have to.

No hidden charges

You'll pay the same amount each month, no set up fees or upfront deposits.

We Use The Best Suppliers

We use award-winning Virgin Media for broadband and our electricity is 100% green.

Keep Your Credit Score Safe

Sharing a joint bank account can put your credit score at risk. You all pay from your own bank.

We Split The Cost Evenly

Avoid paying more than your housemates. Each pay the same every month.

Got any questions?

We've got the answers. Head here for more questions we're often asked.

Setting up an account takes less than 3 minutes. Once all housemates have joined, we’ll get to work with setting up each service. 

For Energy, we’ll switch this over to our supplier which usually takes 4 to 6 weeks (an energy industry standard timeframe). In the meantime, you’ll get your gas and electric from another supplier.

For Water and TV Licence, we’ll set this up for your account start date. 

Your Split The Bills account will need to be at least 8 months long for us to setup your bills for you. Once you’re signed up, the minimum term is up to the tenancy end date that you tell us when you sign up.

Broadband and TV Licence comes with a 12-month minimum contract. If you close your account before the 12 months have passed, you’ll need to pay the remainder of your contract.

Most broadband products on the market come with minimum contracts of 18 or even 24 months. We work hard to make sure we can offer you a shorter 12 month contract perfect for a student house, and still at a great price!

Most bill-splitting apps are free to download BUT you’ll need to manage the bills yourself and can find yourself in a lot of trouble if your housemates don’t pay. With the leading student bill-splitting app, if your housemate doesn’t pay within 7 days then the rest of the housemates are charged! With us, we’ll do all the chasing if your housemates don’t pay, meaning you’re less at risk of paying for their share.

Not with us.

You’ll pay the same amount each month, no upfront fees, no deposits.

Unlike direct energy suppliers and other bill management companies, you won’t get a surprise final energy bill when you move out with our new ‘unlimited energy’ plan. Pay one fixed amount and have the freedom to use the energy you need without the worry of a huge bill after you’ve moved out.

It sure is. Unless, in the unlikely event that you’re being negligent or using energy for commercial use.

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