How It Works

  • Get a Free quote
    It takes just 30 seconds to get a quote. Select the services you want from broadband, gas, electricity, water & TV licence.

  • Pop in some more details
    Once you are happy with your quote, we’ll ask you for a few more details about you and your house. No payments are taken until all your housemates have joined and your chosen start date is reached.

  • Invite your housemates
    We’ll help you to get your housemates to join the party. We’ll explain what Split The Bills is and how it works to make it easy and straightforward for you.

  • Over to us!
    Once all your housemates have joined the party, we’ll setup your requested services so they are ready for your start date. There’s a couple of things that you’ll need to do or be aware of. Check out the important notes.

If you’ve never done it before, sorting out bills in a shared house can be a total nightmare.

Hunting. Comparing packages for your broadband, gas, electricity, water, and TV licence individually is complicated, difficult, time consuming and incredibly stressful.

Dealing. When you’ve finally found the best deals for each service, you’ll have to contact each supplier individually.

Faffing. Every month you’ll have to add all your bills up, split them equally between the lot of you, then chase your housemates for the money. This can lead to seriously awkward conversations you could do without.

Paying. It’s tricky to be a budgeting pro when you’re trying to keep track of money flying out of your bank left, right and centre.

If you don’t want all the stress & hassle, let us sort it for you… Over 50,000 students have trusted us…

Split The Bills is the stress-free way to sort your shared bills.

Choose your services.  Get a free quote in less than 30 seconds and select everything you need in your home. Once you’re settled you’ve made the right choice of services, click ‘signup’ to go ahead.

We’ll set up your services. Once you and your housemates have joined, we’ll deal with all the different suppliers for you so you don’t have to bother.

You’ll get one monthly payment amount and date. We’ll look at your expected yearly usage and break it down into an average monthly contribution. (No more paying more in the winter months.) All your services are paid for on the same date each month so you can budget like a pro.

We’ll combine, split, and sort your bills. Each month, we’ll combine all your services into one simple bill, split it equally, and take payments from each of you directly so you don’t have to bother your housemates.

 Plus, you won’t pay a penny until after your requested start date.

Just £1.50 a week for each housemate and a one-off £14.99 set up fee (plus your bills, of course.)

No more calling round a gazillion utility companies. For the price of two pints each month, we’ll set up your services for you.

No more faffing around dividing up your bills. We’ll split your bills equally between you and your housemates.

No more chasing housemates for money. Your housemates pay us directly.

No more keeping tabs on different due dates. We’ll set up one monthly payment date for all your services.

Basically, For the price of a pizza a month, You’ll get some super stress relief.

Getting started with Split The Bills is easy.

Get your 30 second quote. Tell us about your house and the services you want, then we’ll give you a weekly quote.

Tell us a bit more about you. Once you’re happy with your quote, we’ll ask for just a few more details about you.

Get your housemates to join the party. We’ll give you a link you can just forward straight onto your mates. We’ll tell them everything we’ve told you, they can review the quote, give us their details, and then we can get splitting!

Then, it’s over to us. We’ll get to work setting up your services. You won’t pay a penny until after your requested start date and each housemate will pay their own share of the bills from their own bank account.


Once you & your housemates have signed up, it’s over to us.

There’s a few things you need to know and a couple of things we need from you to get you set up.

  • We want to get your broadband install date sorted early so you don’t miss out.
    We know your broadband is extremely important for when you move in. We get incredibly busy from June to September when all students move into their new house, so the sooner you join us the better. Once you and your housemates have all joined the party, we can organise your broadband install date so it’s live for when you move in so you can snapchat, share and stream to your heart’s content. It will help if you get started today.
  • Gas and Electric usually take 4 to 6 weeks to transfer over to our supplier.
    There’s not much we can do about that, as it’s an energy industry standard. Although, if you join us early enough, we’ll be able to get your energy transferred from the property’s current supplier to our partner supplier for the day you move in. This means you won’t have to faff about with the property’s current supplier at all. The sooner you get started with Split The Bills will help. Get started today.
  • If you leave it a little late to join Split The Bills, you’ll need to contact your property’s previous supplier.
    By law, you and your housemates are responsible for the energy bills as soon as your tenancy starts. Even if you don’t move in straight away and don’t use any energy, you will need to pay energy standing charges. This means that if you’re not with Split The Bills from the start of your tenancy, you’ll be liable to pay your property’s previous supplier for energy until it transfers over to our supplier and you’ll probably need to contact the previous supplier with meter readings from when your tenancy began. So the sooner you move to Split The Bills, the easier it’ll be as you’ll have less to do. Get started today.
  • You need to give us meter readings as soon as your energy goes live with our supplier.
    We’ll let you know once your energy is live with our supplier. If we don’t get meter readings straight away, you may be billed incorrectly or end up paying for previous tenants’ bills (which we definitely don’t want). Lack of meter readings may mean that any refund you are owed at the end of your plan could be delayed, so your help with this is essential.
  • We may need your help to contact your property’s current supplier.
    Most of the time, everything goes smoothly, but occasionally energy suppliers may object to releasing your energy to us for a number of reasons at their end and therefore out of our control. If this happens, we may need your help to contact your property’s current supplier to find out why they’ve objected and how it can be lifted. It will help if you get started today.
  • We’re not your supplier (but we’ll help wherever we can).
    Although we deal with the management and billing of your utility accounts, we’re not the supplier of your Gas, Electricity, Water, Broadband and TV Licence. We’ll do all we can to help, however in some rare cases, where there is a fault for example, you may need to get in touch with the supplier to resolve the issue directly. If you have a problem with your services, contact us. In most cases we’ll be able to help directly. In rare cases we’ll let you know if you need to go to your supplier directly and . If this is the case, we’ll tell you how you can go about it quickly and efficiently.
  • Your suppliers shouldn’t contact you, but it might happen.
    In rare cases, you may get bills or emails directly from our partner suppliers. We do everything we can to stop you getting any other bills but it does occasionally happen. If you do get anything directly from your suppliers, please let us know and we will sort it for you.


And that’s it… Let’s get started now