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All-Inclusive Packages

No fees. No risks. No worries.

Get one of our new and exclusive All-Inclusive packages for 5+ bed houses only.

We’ll sort out your bills, so you and your housemates can kick back, relax and work on what really matters.

Why go All-Inclusive?

We've got these amazing benefits for you and your housemates when you go with our new all-inclusive offer.

No Management Fees

Scrap management fees with our All-Inclusive packages. That's £338 dropped, per person per year.

No Risk

With a set price every single month, you won't have to worry about excess charges or surprise bills. With us, you can say goodbye to low energy allowances!*

No Extra Bills

Normally with an over usage of energy, you can be hit with a large bill when you leave. With our All-Inclusive package, you don't have to worry about end of your contract bills!*

Same Payment Every Month

Every single month, you and your housemates will pay the same exact amount. We'll even chase a housemate for you if they're behind!

Works just like your mobile contract!

That’s right, treat your bills as easily as you would your standard mobile phone contract.

Choose Your Packages

For a limited time only, we’re offering £3 off every week on all packages!

All Standard Services

£ 15 Per Person Per Week
  • VIVID 100 Virgin Media Broadband
  • Electric, Water, Gas
  • TV Licence
  • 5 or More Tenants

Just £1 Extra

£ 16 Per Person Per Week
  • Superfast VIVID 200 Virgin media Broadband
  • Electric, Water, Gas
  • TV Licence
  • 5 or More Tenants

Just £2 Extra!

£ 17 Per Person Per Week
  • Ultrafast VIVID 350 Virgin Media Broadband
  • Electric, Water, Gas
  • TV Licence
  • 5 or More Tenants

Each housemate is required to pay a one time £14.99 setup fee. Only available to those in a Virgin Media area. Only available to houses with five or more tenants. 10 months is the minimum term required. 

* Fair Usage policy applies. 

What's More...

Not only do you no longer need to worry about bills, usage or allowances, you’ll also get these awesome extras…

  • Free Smart Meter

Every household, where applicable, will receive a brand new smart meter installation. Say goodbye to submitting meter readings and be ahead of the smart meter revolution before every household is required to have one in 2020!

  • Free Access To Split Perks

Split Perks is our discount and offers platform, which you can grab student discounts from a wide range of your favourite brands, companies and services.