How It Works…

Utility bills. Let's face it - they're a huge fun-sponge.

You spend hours and hours hunting for the cheapest deals. Crucial time that would be better spent getting that degree (or down the pub).

Then watch your hair turn grey as you pay a small fortune waiting on-hold for ages when calling to set up each Gas, Electric, Water, Broadband, TV Licence and Sky TV account.

Not to mention, the nasty shock of getting a humongous bill through the post.

This then leads to the super awkward job of chasing your housemates for their share, while trying your hardest to keep the peace and not fall out.

Urgh. Wouldn't you rather spend your time doing something FUN?! Enter Split The Bills. We're here to take this stress away…

What We Do For You…

  • We'll set up, manage and close all of your utilities, including Gas, Electric, Water, Broadband, TV Licence and Sky TV.
  • We'll split the bills fairly between you and your housemates, so there's no squabbling over who owes what to who.
  • Just one monthly payment covers ALL of your bills, instead of having different payment dates for different suppliers.
  • We'll explain how it all works to your housemates (so you don't have to).
  • We promise you won't get a cheaper a deal if you went to our suppliers direct.
  • If your housemate doesn't pay, we'll sort it with them so there's no need to chase you for their payments.
  • You can track your usage online using our clever online hub, MySplit.
  • The good news - you won't pay a penny until after your tenancy start date.
  • Finally - you only ever pay for what you use. If you end up using less than what you've paid for, you'll be refunded the credit.

There's no hidden fees. Just £1.50 a week and a one-off £14.99 set up fee for each housemate.

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It takes less than 3 minutes to get started. It's all done online so you don't have to worry about automated systems and ridiculous call queues. Once you've completed your details, invite your housemates to join your account and we'll get everything set up for you.

Sit back and relax

Wave goodbye to the stress of shared bills. Say hello to more time to do what you love. We'll take it from here…

Our Price Promise.

We guarantee you won't find a cheaper like-for-like deal on your Gas and Electric by going direct to our suppliers.

Get Splittin' In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Pick your perfect package & get a quote

    Choose your services from a range of the UK's top providers, such as Spark Energy, Sky & Virgin Media.

  2. Get your mates involved

    Add your mates' details so they can easily join your account and get the ball rolling.

  3. Leave the boring stuff to us

    We'll set up your services, arrange your installs and save you bags of time and hassle.

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  4. We'll split the bills fairly

    Each housemate pays their own share of the bills in one monthly payment. So there's no need to chase your mates for money.

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Less headaches. More time. Happy housemates.

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