Mental Health Awareness at Split The Bills

Mental Health awareness is a key part of the Split The Bills culture. We work tirelessly to raise awareness and fight the stigma surrounding mental health. With the support of the Time To Change movement, we’ve successfully achieved this in our business. If you want advice on mental health and how you can join the cause this blog is the perfect start.

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10 Top Tips for Sharing a House (and making it out alive)

So, you’re sharing a house with other human beings? A bunch of human beings who aren’t your family. Follow our top tips to help you win at living in a shared house.

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A Guide to Broadband in a Shared House

Broadband and WiFi are pretty much everywhere – at uni, in McDonalds, in Starbucks, and even in bars and pubs. Whether you’re just about to move out of your parents’ house or halls, setting up the internet in your new gaff is a necessary step for any student.

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A Guide to Energy in a Shared House

If you’ve never had to sort out your own energy bills before, it can seem like a bit of a minefield. Whether you’re just about to move out of your parents’ house or halls, setting up your own gas and electricity is a necessary step for any student. And thanks to the complicated energy industry, it can be pretty scary step.

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A Guide to TV Licensing in a Shared House

TV licensing is probably something you’ve never had to think about before. It’s not like broadband where if you don’t sort it you can’t access the internet. You can still watch TV without a licence, but trust us, you really shouldn’t. You could end up with a £1,000 fine. Ouch.

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A Guide to Water in a Shared House

Sorting out your water bill isn’t quite as complicated as energy and broadband, but it can still get a bit confusing (especially if you’ve never had to go it alone before).

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Are Students Exempt From Council Tax?

Council Tax is the tax we all have to pay to our councils for local services like road maintenance, bin collections, emergency services and loads of other stuff. Luckily for you, as a household full of full-time students*, you’re exempt from Council Tax. You don’t have to pay a penny.

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How To Find The Best Deal On Your Bills Checklist

Read our checklist for how to find the best deal on all of your student bills.

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Is £1.50 For Stress-Free Bills Really That Cheap?

You may have noticed us banging on about the fact that it only costs £1.50 a week for Split The Bills to take the faff out of utilities and leave you super stress free.

But is £1.50 really that cheap? We did a bit of research to find out what you can actually buy for a quid fifty. Spoiler: it isn’t much.

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What Is a Good Deal on Broadband and Utilities?

We all talk about getting the best deal for anything and everything. The best deal on car insurance. The best deal on your food shop. The best deal on your broadband, gas, and electricity. But what even is a good deal? Is it the cheapest price, the best value for money, or a mix of both?

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Top Tips To Sorting Your Student Bills.

Moving into a shared house is one of the best experiences of your University experience. Majority of people make friends for life with the people they live with. There is one huge hassle though that frequently gets in the way of this fairy tale ending…bills.

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