The Ultimate Festival Checklist

Written by Charlotte Sides

Festival season is here and while we’ve enjoyed a lovely summer so far, we all know it won’t last forever. With our essential festival checklist, you’ll be ready for anything.

The Basics

As long as you don’t forget any of the following, you’ll survive.

  • Festival Tickets – This sounds obvious but if you forget your festival ticket, you’re not getting in.
  • Transport – Unless the festival is situated in the city centre, chances are you’re going to need to arrange transport to and from the venue.
  • Cash & Cards – Festival food and drink doesn’t come cheap (think the cost of a pint in central London).
  • I.D. – You might need to prove who you are. And can you imagine not getting served…?
  • Sun cream – Just because we can’t always see the sun, doesn’t mean it’s not burning us to a crisp.

Clothing, Not Optional

There’s no accounting for the weather in the UK. (four seasons in one-day springs to mind). But, there’s nothing worse than having to stand around in wet/muddy clothes. Trust me! Now’s the time to think practical, not fashionable.

  • Raincoat/waterproofs – It just makes sense to pack these.
  • Wellies – Leave those brand new white Vans at home.
  • Sunglasses – Great for protecting your eyes and hiding the tears you’ll cry when you see your favourite artist.
  • Hats – You probably won’t want to do your hair and if you’re a little thin on top you’ll know how easy it is to catch the sun.
  • Clothes & Shoes – This might be obvious but pack your comfies. There is nothing more uncomfortable than skinny jeans in the heat or the rain.

The Necessities

Forgetting any of the following items may cause major distress.

  • Phone/charger – Because who can live without their phone?
  • Power Bank – Unless you’re an Android user, you’ll probably want to invest in a power bank to keep your phone charged.
  • Tent – You’ll want a good tent, but you won’t want to spend a lot. There’s a good chance someone will fall into it.
  • Sleeping Bag / Pillow – Nothing beats a good night’s sleep.
  • Wet Wipes – you’ll thank us later.
  • Contraception – If the tents a rocking, don’t come knocking.
  • Bottle Opener – Not every bottle has a twist top.
  • Earplugs – Not everyone goes to bed at a respectable time.

The Extras

  • Lighter/matches – For lighting BBQ’s, social smoking and slow waving during sets.
  • Cutlery – or you can eat with your hands.
  • Biodegradable Bin Bags – because you’ll need to clean up after yourself.
  • Food & Drink – Unless you plan to spend lots of money on food and drink, it’s a good idea to take some food and drink with you but avoid perishables.

Now you’re festival ready, all that’s left to do is enjoy yourself and be safe.

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