When it comes to choosing the best option for your shared student bills, the choice can feel overwhelming.

Do you try and sort your utility bills yourself, or do you go with a student bill splitting company?

We thought it would be handy to pull together this comparison for you, so you can see what’s right for you and your housemates!


Doing Bills Yourself

You might risk getting slapped with a final bill if you decide to sort out your own energy bills. Direct suppliers don’t offer uncapped energy plans, so if you’re going over your usage, you’ll have to pay the excess at the end of your tenancy. Not ideal!

Using Split The Bills

At Split The Bills, we offer risk-free energy, designed for students. This means you can use as much as you need, without the worry of getting a massive over-usage bill.

One Easy Monthly Payment?

Doing Bills Yourself

When you sort your own bills, you’ll have to set up separate direct debits with each different supplier.

This means you’re going to have multiple payments coming out of your account throughout the month, making it harder to keep track of your finances.

Using Split The Bills

With us, you’ll make one monthly payment, which covers all of your bills. This will come out on the same date each month, keeping things as simple as possible.

easily pay for your share?

Doing Bills Yourself

With direct suppliers, you’ll often need a chief bill payer. That means either you, or one of your housemates, will have to have all of the bills taken out of their account.

It’s then up to everyone else to pay them back. We know from experience the stress this can cause, from housemates not paying their fair share, to putting the main bill payer out of pocket until they are paid back.

Using Split The Bills

With Split The Bills you get simple bill splitting. We split both the responsibility and the cost, so each housemate pays their own share from their own bank account. No more awkward bill conversations, or chasing your housemates for their share, woohoo!


Doing Bills Yourself

When you go with direct suppliers, you’ll find that their prices aren’t based on house sharing for students, but for families.  

This can mean their prices seem low, but as mentioned previously if you go over your usage (which is highly likely), you’ll have to pay any excess back.

Using Split The Bills

Our pricing is risk-free and you get what you pay for, with no worries about upfront fees, deposits or final bills. We’ve collected 10 years worth of student usage data, and our prices reflect this. All of those showers, gaming sessions and Netflix binges add up compared to normal usage.

Specialist customer support?

Doing Bills Yourself

Direct suppliers tailor their services towards families, not a shared student household. Contacting them to sort any problems can be a bit of a headache. Why waste any of your time?

Using Split The Bills

Our support is designed especially for students, meaning you’re in good hands with us. We’ve been stopping students from falling out over shared bills for 10 years, and our customers rate us ‘Excellent’ over on Trustpilot!

So, what's it gonna be?

From bundling your bills into one, making sure everyone pays their fair share, and looking after the boring stuff so you can get back to what you’d rather to be doing, Split the Bills is the easiest way to sort your shared bills.

If you’d like to great a price for your household, it’s quick and easy to do so.

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