Should you pick a student bills supplier for your new home?

28th April 2021

University isn’t all about meeting new people, learning new things, and exploring a new city. There are also a lot of practical things to consider, like finding a house, budgeting your money and sorting out your bills.

Unfortunately, you never really learn about that stuff in school or college, so when it comes to getting everything in order at university, it can feel a little overwhelming. Especially when it comes to sorting our your shared bills, you might be unsure of the best option.

From dealing with multiple suppliers, filling out numerous forms, setting up multiple direct debits, picking the lead tenant, budgeting for unexpected bills, making sure your household doesn’t go over your usage allowance, and chasing your housemates for their share of the bills, it can be exhausting!

There is the another option of going with a student bill supplier, like Split The Bills, who have bill packages designed especially for students.  

We thought we’d pull together a handy guide, to explain what benefits there are in choosing a supplier like us, and what it involves.

Talking about student bills providers...

Bills not included in your rent price?

Don’t worry - Split The Bills can find the best providers for you and bundle all your bills into one easy payment a month. This means you don’t have to have awkward conversations with your housemates about who’s sorting the electricity bill or how much the gas bill is.

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How Does It Work?

We like to make everything as easy as possible at Split The Bills, so our whole process is pretty straight forward!

First, you and your housemates build your ideal package. Choose from our energy packages, superfast broadband, water and a TV licence.

Then everyone joins the account. There’s no need to pick a chief bill payer. We’ll give you a link once you join to share with your housemates.

Once everyone has joined, we can begin setting up the utilities for your house, and you can sit back and relax!

Then, once you’re all moved in, you’ll each pay your monthly share. This means you can avoid being out of pocket and chasing your mates for bill money.

What does it include?

Our packages include energy, broadband, water and a TV licence, so you can relax knowing everything is taken care of.


You’ll get our Risk-Free Energy Plan. No unexpected bills. No price hikes. No risk. You and your housemates make one fixed, monthly payment and have the freedom to use the energy you need to throughout your tenancy.


With us, you can get superfast Virgin Media broadband, all with unlimited downloads and student friendly 12-month contracts. If your house isn’t in a Virgin Media Fibre area, we’ll set you up with fibre broadband from our provider, Plusnet.


We’ll set up your water with your local water supplier. This will cover your running water and sewerage.

TV Licence

If you watch or record live TV programmes or download/watch BBC programmes or iPlayer, you’ll need a TV Licence. We provide full cover, 12-month TV licences at cost price directly from TV Licensing.

What Are The benefits?

There are plenty fo benefits from choosing a student bill supplier like Split The Bills!

Let’s run you through a few…

Only Pay Your Fair Share

No more nightmare housemates owing you bill money. That’s all in the past. Everyone pays and is responsible for their fair share. We’ll even set up separate direct debits with you all, so you can protect your credit score!

We’ll also do all of the leg work if someone doesn’t pay, so you don’t need to chase your housemates.

Bundle Your Bills Into One

Multiple payments from multiple, direct suppliers coming out of your bank account might get messy. We keep it nice and simple, bundling all of your bills into one fixed monthly payment. This can make it much easier to budget your money, and to keep track of your outgoings.

We also use the best suppliers, including superfast broadband from Virgin Media. Why settle for less?

Quick & Easy To Sort

We know bills aren’t the most interesting things in the world. There’s other things you’d rather be spending your time on, and we get that.

We make sure our process is really quick and easy from your end, and we take care of all of the boring stuff!

No Set Up Fees, Deposits, Hidden Charges Or Final Bills

Money makes the world go round, after all, so keep hold of yours! We don’t ask for any upfront fees or deposits, so you won’t pay a penny until you move in.

You’ll pay the same fixed amount each month, with no surprises.

We also won’t charge you any final bills when you move out, which can happen with direct suppliers if you go over your usage allowance.

Uncapped Energy

Direct suppliers and their services are designed for families, not student usage. They also don’t offer uncapped energy, so it can be easy to accidentally use too much and end up paying extra for it.

At Split The Bills, we offer risk-free energy packages, so you never have to worry about your housemates leaving their light on, or those late night Netflix seshes.

Customer Service You Can Rely On

We’re pretty proud of our customer service, and as our bill packages are designed for students, we’re well suited to dealing with any issues or questions you might have.

Direct suppliers often have long hold times, and can struggle to solve issues for student houses.

There’s a reason why thousands of students rate us ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot (check out our reviews for yourself)!

How do I get a price?

Getting a price is easy!

It only takes two minutes, and you just need to provide us with a few basic details, such as your name, how many people will be living in your new home, and what kind of features you’d like in your package.

From there we can give you a price, which you can share with your housemates before you all make a decision.

What happens at the end of the contract?

We’ll automatically close your account down for the end date you have provided us.

You’ll just need to provide final meter readings for your gas, electric and water just before you move out.

This is a lot easier than with direct suppliers, as often they will try to continue your contracts, so you might find yourself stuck on the phone trying to cancel!

Hopefully now you’re feeling a bit more informed for making your decision, and if you have any more questions about Split The Bills, check out our FAQs page, or contact our team.

Or if you’d like to get a price, click below!

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