Why Split The Bills is different

It might look cheaper on the surface to sort bills yourselves but you’ll find it’s a lot riskier and there are often hidden charges. Not to mention the added time and hassle needed. 

Check out what you’ll get with us that you won’t get by doing it yourself

Do it yourself

Split The Bills

Something you won’t get from sorting energy bills yourself is an Unlimited Energy plan. With us, this means you can use what you need to without the worry of getting a huge final bill at the end of tenancy. Nice one!*

Sorting bills yourself can result in lots of different payments taken from your bank account on lots of different dates.

With us, you’ll each make one monthly payment to cover all of your bills on the same date every month. Easy peasy.

Regular energy suppliers will put you on a tariff and energy allowance based on a family’s usage. Student houses often use a more than a standard family. This usually results in students paying in huge final bill, as they haven’t been paying enough throughout the year.

We’ve collected almost 10 years of student usage data and our prices reflect this. All those laptops, showers, and gaming sessions add up compared to the average family!

You’re in good hands with us. We’ve been stopping students falling out over daft things like shared bills for almost 10 years. Our customers rate us as ‘great’ (we’re working on awesome) and our straight-talking Yorkshire-based support team really loves helping you suss out shared bills.

Sorting bills yourself often leaves one person paying for everything and chasing their mates for money. Or setting up a joint bank account but can you trust everyone to pay?

We split the responsibility and make it easy for each housemate to pay their share from their own bank account. There’s no chief-bill payer. No chasing mates for bill money. No falling out over unpaid bills.

You might choose to sort bills yourself and set up a joint bank account. Sharing a joint bank account can put your credit score at risk as you’ll be co-scored with the other account holders. If they have a poor score, this can have a detrimental effect on yours.

A poor credit rating can prevent you from getting credit cards, mortgages and loans – so it’s super important to protect it!

With us, your credit score is safe as you pay from your own bank account. No joint bank account needed.

Using a bill splitting company like us can cost a little more than going directly to each utility company individually but the benefits are priceless!

No arguments with your housemates over money and one single monthly payment that won’t change so you can budget easily.

*With our Eco Saver Energy Plan, you'll be given an energy allowance. If your usage exceeds this then you will need to pay a final bill. Based on fair usage.

The easiest way to sort
your shared bills

Setting up utilities and paying shared bills can be stressful, risky and downright dull. Leave it to us.


We set up your utilities

Saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourselves


We pay your bills

No need for a chief bill-payer or a joint bank account


We split the cost evenly

Pay your share from your own bank account

The best bits

Unlimited Energy plan

Forget about an energy allowance and surprise bills. Take our unlimited energy plan and use what you need without the worry.

Ultrafast broadband

Experience award-winning Virgin Media fibre broadband with average speeds of 362Mbps available. That’s ultrafast!​


All bills in one place

Save time dealing with multiple suppliers. You’ll have one company looking after your broadband, water, energy and TV licence.

payment-method copy

One easy payment each

Same amount. Same day every month. Only pay for your share. All of your shared, student bills sorted.

Check out why our customers love using Split The Bills…


It’s easy… simply add the services you need in your shared house to your bills package and create an account for your house. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a join link to share with your housemates. All they need to do is follow the link and add their details so we know who to split the bills between.

When all housemates have signed up, we’ll get the ball rolling with setting up your services. Each housemate will pay the same amount every month from their own Direct Debit. We then use this to pay your bills. 

From then on, it’s pretty much plain sailing. You’ll need to submit some meter readings every quarter so we can keep an eye on your energy usage. Other than that, you and your housemates can sit back, relax and live happier, together. 

You can get all services you need for your shared house: broadband, water, gas, electric – even TV licence. 

If your house is in a Virgin Media area, you can lap up average broadband speeds of 362Mbps.

It might seem fair for each housemate to be responsible for one bill each but it isn’t. It’s all fun and games for the housemate paying for the TV licence at £154.50 a year but you’re left with the very, very short straw if you have to pay the energy bill. This could be thousands of pounds. It’d be a lot easier and fairer to split all of the bills evenly between all housemates.

Not with us. We used to charge a set up fee and a weekly management fee but this is no longer the case. You’ll pay the same amount each month, no fees, no fuss.

Unlike direct energy suppliers and other bill management companies, you won’t get a surprise final energy bill when you move out with our new Unlimited Energy plan. Pay one fixed amount and have the freedom to use the energy you need without the worry of a huge bill after you’ve moved out.

Nope, it’s easy to get your bills sorted with us. It takes about 3 minutes to pick your services and create an account for your house.

Once your housemates are on board, we’ll set up the services you need. We’ll then split the cost of the services evenly between you and your housemates and you’ll each pay your monthly share from your own bank account.

Ready to get started?

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