Gas and/or Electricity used for (but not limited to) non-domestic, commercial, industrial or illegal purposes, or for sharing or re-selling, is prohibited. You must also ensure that your Gas and/or Electricity usage is not negligent, irresponsible and/or wasteful. If in our reasonable opinion, you are using your energy for any of these reasons or we believe that your Gas and/or Electricity usage is negligent, irresponsible and/or wasteful, we may ask you to cease such prohibited usage and/or moderate your usage. We also reserve the right to charge you for the excessive element of your Gas and/or Electricity usage at your Utility Supplier’s tariff rate, or to suspend or terminate your service with immediate effect.

For guidance of typical domestic consumption, official Ofgem values can be found here.

All occupants must enter into a contract with us. Where more occupants are living in the property than are contracted with us and paying, we will immediately back date the un-paid contributions for the non-paying occupants for Gas and Electricity to the start of the tenancy and all occupants will be joint and severally liable. Water is supplied for domestic use only.

Water charges that exceed your payment for water will be deemed as non-domestic and negligent. If your property has a water meter, it shall be capped at a maximum of your payment for water. The charges from the Utility Provider that exceed this cap will be charged to you at same cost we are charged by your Water supplier.

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