Upload your energy bills

While we're working to transfer your energy over to the supplier we work with, you may get some bills from your old supplier

Good news – we’ll pay old supplier bills for you.

Your old supplier may want any outstanding bills paid before they allow us to transfer you to the supplier we work with. Please send us the bill as soon as you have it.

To make sure no issues crop up, its important you send the correct bill showing the information we need to be able to pay it.

What do we need?

The bill must show the total amount as well as the dates the bill period covers.

If your bill says ‘Reminder’ or ‘Balance brought forward’, it won’t give us the information we need. If this is the case, ask your old supplier to send you the previous bill.

The dates of the bill must be for energy you’ve used from your Split The Bills start date

The bill must be based on actual meter readings and not supplier estimated readings

You must upload a clear photo of each page of the bill or a PDF if you have one

The bill date must be within the last 12 weeks

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