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Split The Bills make your shared bills, easy. We formed in Sheffield in 2011 to help new house sharers navigate the complex world of utility bills.

Setting up utilities and paying shared bills can be stressful, risky and downright dull. We make them easy, fair and safe.

Our customers rate us ‘Excellent’!

We set up your utilities​ saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourselves. We pay your bills too so there’s no need for a chief bill-payer or a joint bank account. We also split the cost evenly so that you pay your fair share from your own bank account. Nice.

Energy. Broadband. Water. TV Licence. All rolled into one easy payment, split between housemates equally.


You’ll get our Unlimited Energy Plan which is our risk-free plan with no usage limits. No unexpected bills. No price hikes. No risk. You and your housemates make one fixed, monthly payment and have the freedom to use the energy you need to throughout your tenancy.

All our electricity is 100% renewable. 


With us, you can get superfast Virgin Media broadband, all with unlimited downloads and student friendly 12-month contracts. If your house isn’t in a Virgin Media Fibre area, we’ll set you up with fibre broadband from our provider, GB Technologies.


We’ll set up your water with your local water supplier. This will cover your running water and sewerage.

TV Licence

If you Watch or record live TV programmes or Download / watch BBC programmes or iPlayer, you’ll need a TV Licence. We provide full cover, 12-month TV licences at cost price directly from TV Licensing.

You can choose your Split The Bills start date when you sign up. We’d advise starting with us on your tenancy start date as this is when you become legally responsible for the bills, however, if your tenancy has already started, you can get setup from today!

The sooner you join up the better. Even if you’re not moving in for a couple of months, by joining now, we can make sure your broadband install is scheduled and all of your utilities are ready to transfer to us from your start date. If you’ve already moved in, get setup from today and we can get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Not with us. You’ll pay the same amount each month, no upfront fees, no deposits.

Setting up an account takes less than 3 minutes. Once all housemates have joined, we’ll get to work with setting up each service.

For Energy, we’ll switch this over to our supplier which usually takes 4 to 6 weeks (an energy industry standard timeframe). In the meantime, you’ll get your gas and electric from another supplier.

For Water and TV Licence, we’ll set this up for your account start date.

We do all the leg work for you and give you peace of mind that you won’t have to chase your housemates for money.

Check out how we measure up against sorting bills yourselves.

Your Split The Bills account will need to be at least 8 months long for us to setup your bills for you. Once you’re signed up, the minimum term is up to the tenancy end date that you tell us when you sign up.

Broadband and TV Licence comes with a 12-month minimum contract. If you close your account before the 12 months have passed, you’ll need to pay the remainder of your contract.

Most broadband products on the market come with minimum contracts of 18 or even 24 months. We work hard to make sure we can offer you a shorter 12 month contract perfect for a student house, and still at a great price!

It sure is. Unless, in the unlikely event that you’re being negligent or using energy for commercial use.

Billing & Payments

If you’re struggling to pay, please get in touch at least 5 working days before the payment is due and we’ll do what we can to help.

If your payment bounces due to insufficient funds, a £5.00 Late Payment fee will be added to your account. However, if we receive payment from you within 7 days, this fee will be removed. You can make a payment online 24/7 using this link:


If you cancel your Direct Debit mandate before your account has fully closed, a £10.00 fee will be applied to your account. If you need to reinstate your cancelled mandate, you can do so here.

If you need to update your payment details, please make sure there are more than 5 working days before your next payment is due to give us enough time to update your account. You’ll need your 6-digit sort code and 8-digit account number to change your details, which you can do here.

You can make an online card payment here.

Once your energy has switched over to our supplier, you’ll get a final bill from your old provider. Good news – we’ll pay this bill for you. For more info on this and where to upload your bill, head here.

Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen! But if it does, here’s what will happen…

If a housemate misses a payment, we’ll do everything we can to chase payment from them.

If the payment isn’t received within 7 days after it’s failed, the housemate in debt will be entered into our credit control process. This will ultimately lead to the outstanding payment being passed onto our debt collection team. 

If you’re the housemate falling behind, please get in touch with us so we can arrange a more comfortable payment plan for you. 


Your Split The Bills account will need to be at least 8 months long for us to setup your bills for you. Once you’re signed up, the minimum term is up to the tenancy end date that you tell us when you sign up.

If you take Broadband, it is subject a 12 month minimum contract. If you close your account before the 12 months have passed, you will need to pay for the remainder of the contract. If you’re in the same property for longer than 12 months, the contract will roll over month by month after the minimum contract.

If you have a TV Licence, these are for 12 months, as standard. If you cancel your account before the 12 months are up, you’ll be liable to pay the remainder of the licence cost.

If you’re within your 14 day cooling off period, we’ll close down any services that have already been set up. If none of your services have been installed/setup within your cooling off period, then you will have nothing to pay. If any of your services have been installed/activated within your 14 day cooling off period, you’ll be liable to cover any cancellation costs. 

To request to cancel all or one of your services, one housemate needs to contact us via email or call us on 0330 053 9350.

If you’re moving out of a house with a Split The Bills account and your housemates are still living there, please get in touch with us via email or call us on 0330 053 9350.

Once contacted, we’ll be in touch with the next steps.

If your tenancy agreement has come to an end, you’ll be removed from your account and the remaining housemates’ payment plans will be adjusted to cover the difference. 

If your tenancy agreement hasn’t ended and no one new is moving in, you’ll be liable to pay your share of the bills, unless your housemates are happy to take on your share between them. 

If your tenancy agreement hasn’t ended but you find a new housemate, we’ll get their details and add them to the account. Once the new housemate is onboard, we’ll process a ‘change of tenant’ meaning that you’ll stop paying and the new tenant will start.

If you’ve got Gas and Electric with us, the housemate leaving will need to submit some meter readings on the day they move out.

Feeling frustrated?

That just won’t do. We want to put things right.

It’s important to us that our service is exceptional for our customers. If you’re feeling frustrated and are unhappy with our service, please let us know as soon as you can so we can put things right.

How to let us know where we’ve gone wrong.

Tell us what’s wrong and why you believe it’s our fault. You can contact us by calling 0330 053 9350, by emailing hello@splitthebills.co.uk or by chatting to us online. Let our Split Care Team know what’s bothering you and we’ll get to work putting things right. Just to let you know, we’ll record your call to help us improve our service in the future.

If you’ve already given the team a call and you’re still feeling frustrated, you can raise a formal complaint. We’ll do everything possible to make sure it doesn’t get to this stage, but if it has, we have a simple three-step process for you to follow.

Step 1
If you’d like to raise a formal complaint, please tell us in writing why you’re unhappy. You can either send an email to nothappy@splitthebills.co.uk or send a letter to the following address…

The Complaints Team
Split The Bills
Castle House
Castle Street
S3 8LU

This’ll be passed onto our complaints team who will help to answer any questions you have. They will aim to come to a resolution within 10 working days. If the query is complicated and suppliers are involved, we’ll let you know and make sure you get regular updates from our team, as this can take quite a while longer.

Step 2 
We hope you’re satisfied with our response. However, if you’re still unhappy at this stage, please let us know and we’ll escalate your complaint to senior management, who will work with you to resolve your issue. This may take a further 7 working days.

Step 3
In the unlikely event of a deadlock (where we’ve been unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction), the next steps would be to seek independent advice.

As we’re not a direct supplier, we are not regulated by bodies such as OFGEM, OFCOM or OFWAT.

Therefore, the best thing to do is speak with Citizens Advice by calling 03454 040506 or consult your own legal representation. If you wish for someone else to speak on your behalf at this stage, you’ll need to provide us with your authorisation and their details before we can speak to them.

Feeling a bit stuck?

Whatever stage you’re at in our complaints process, you can get clear, free and impartial advice on your energy account from Citizens Advice by calling 03454 040506 (03454 040505 Cymraeg). If you’d like a bit more info, visit citizensadvice.org.uk/energy. You can also fill out the Citizens Advice Consumer Service Web Form.

Gas & Electric

Your gas and electric will be ready to use as soon as you move in but it will more than likely be supplied by another provider. We’ll transfer your energy over to the supplier we work with which usually takes 21 days but may take longer if any issues crop up during the transfer.

Once your energy has transferred over, you’ll get a final bill from your old supplier. Simply upload a clear photo of the full bill to us and we’ll pay this for you. For more info on this and where to upload your bill, head here.

Once your energy has switched over to our supplier, you’ll get a final bill from your old provider. Good news – we’ll pay this bill for you. For more info on this and where to upload your bill, head here.

When you move into your house, your Gas and Electric will be supplied by different suppliers to the one we use at Split The Bills. 

One easy way to find this out is to check if any energy bills/welcome packs have already been sent to you in the post. Alternatively, your Letting Agent or Landlord might know the answer. 

If neither of these options work in your favour, you can make a few calls to get the answers…

To find out who supplies your Gas, simply call the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524.

You can find out who your current Electricity supplier is by calling your regional Electricity Distribution Number…

If your region is … call this number
Scotland North 0845 0262 554
Scotland South 0845 270 9101
North East England 0845 601 3268
North West England  0870 751 0093
Eastern England  0800 029 4285
Southern England 0845 0262 554
South West England 0845 601 5972
South East England 0845 601 5467
London 0845 601 5467
Yorkshire 0845 330 0889
Merseyside and North Wales 0845 270 9101
South Wales 0845 601 5972
West Midlands 0845 603 0618
East Midlands 0845 603 0618

Upload clear photos of your meter readings or input the digits of your readings right here.

It sure is. Unless, in the unlikely event that you’re being negligent or using energy for commercial use. 

Yes. Yes you can. Although your energy takes a little longer to transfer over to your new supplier, it’ll still be readily available to use in your house. It’ll just be supplied by another energy company in the meantime.

If you take our Unlimited Energy plan, you will not receive a final energy bill. If you take the Fixed Energy plan, you’ll be given an yearly allowance of kilowatt hours to use. This will be confirmed in your welcome email and is for the whole household. If you go over this allowance, we’ll split the final bill between you and your housemates.

If you take our Unlimited Energy plan, there is no energy allowance. With our Fixed Energy plan, you’ll get an allowance of kilowatt hours for Gas and Electric. This will be confirmed by email once all housemates have signed up. Your allowance is based on the number of housemates, the location of your house and historic data of average student energy usage. If you go over your allowance, you’ll get a final bill which will be split between you and your housemates.

A kilowatt hour (kWh) is a measure of how much energy you’re using.

It doesn’t mean the number of kilowatts you’re using per hour. It’s simply a unit of measurement that equals the amount of energy you’d use if you kept a 1,000 watt appliance running for an hour:

So if you switched on a 100 watt light bulb, it would take 10 hours to rack up 1 kWh of energy.

Or a 2,000 watt appliance would use 1 kWh in just half an hour.

While a 50 watt item could stay on for 20 hours before it used 1 kWh.

How many kilowatts does it take to charge an iPhone?

A typical iPhone charger is 5 watts and a full charge from empty takes a maximum of three hours (a conservative estimate), which would use 0.005 kWh each hour. It would take 200 hours to use 1 kWh.

If your yearly Electric allowance was 3000 kWh, you’d get a whopping 600,000 full phone charges a year (if you didn’t use anything else electrical, of course).

How much does it cost to charge an iPhone?

Using the example above, it takes 3 hours to use 0.015 kWh. The cost of this depends on your unit rate. Say your unit rate was 18p per unit, then it’d cost a mere 0.27p (0.015 x £0.18 = £0.0027).

That’s shockingly low (pardon the pun). 


Over our busiest period (June – September), we aim to confirm your install date as soon as we can. This is usually within 10 days after all housemates have signed up to us, providing your start date is in the next 30 days.

As this is also the busiest time for our suppliers, the wait time to have your broadband installed can be up to 3 weeks after your account has completed. 

If you’ve missed the delivery of your router, you should’ve been left a ‘missed delivery’ slip from either Royal Mail, ParcelForce or Yodel. 

If your slip is from ParcelForce, click here to arrange redelivery

If your slip is from Royal Mail, click here to rearrange the delivery

If it’s from Yodel, find out more info on rearranging your delivery here

If your broadband has been installed and you still haven’t received your router, please let us know. This is usually an issue with the courier, but we’ll do our best to help.

Broadband comes with a 12-month minimum contract. If you close your account before the 12 months have passed, you’ll need to pay the remainder of your contract.

Most broadband products on the market come with minimum contracts of 18 or even 24 months. We work hard to make sure we can offer you a shorter 12 month contract perfect for a student house, and still at a great price!

Meter Readings

Upload clear photos of your meter readings or input the digits of your readings right here.

Confused? Your easiest option is to upload a clear, close-up photo of your meter(s) using this form.

Alternatively, have a read of our handy guide on reading energy meters.

If you’ve got a smart Electric meter and you need to take a manual reading, here’s how to find your latest reading:

  1. Press 9 on the keypad.
  2. You’ll see the letters “IMP KWH” appear on the screen.
  3. On the bottom right of the screen you’ll see numbers and kWh.
  4. Take the first 7 digits – this is your reading.

If your Gas is on a smart meter, do the following to get your latest reading:

  1. Press 9 on the keypad.
  2. VOLUME will show on the screen.
  3. You’ll find 6 digits and  “m³” at the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Take the first 5 digits as your reading.


If you’ve taken Water with us and you’ve received a bill within the first month of your tenancy, don’t panic. It can take a little while to activate your water account, however this will be backdated to your account start date, so you’ll always be covered. 

If your tenancy start date and Split account start date are different, you’ll receive a bill directly from your supplier to cover the billing period in between these dates, which will be your responsibility to pay. 

It all depends on where you live…

Each area in the UK has it’s own water provider. Unlike your other services, under the current legislation, household customers are not able to change their water supplier or sewerage service provider.

In some areas, you may have two different water suppliers, one for fresh water and one for sewerage. If you do have two different water suppliers, we’ll set up and manage both accounts. 

TV Licence

All TV licenses cover you for 12 months, as standard. We will setup and pay for a full TV licence for you and spread the cost across your monthly payments.

If your Split The Bills account is less than 12 months, you’ll be liable to pay the remainder of the contract at the end of your account.

You’ll need to get a TV licence to make sure you’re legally covered for watching or recording live TV (any channel) and BBC shows (including catch-up on BBC iPlayer).

You do not need a TV licence if you watch catch-up content on channels other than BBC (e.g. All4), Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV and other streaming services or listen to BBC radio.

Your TV licence will be activated around the week of your account start date. You might receive a reminder from TV Licensing up until this point, but don’t worry about this. It was more than likely sent before your active licence came through to us. 

If you receive any letters from TV Licensing more than a month after your start date, please let us know.

Closing My Account

You’ll need to contact us to let us know that your tenancy is ending so that we can close your services down for you. 

Make sure you tell us at least 30 days before your tenancy is due to end to avoid being billed for services after you’ve moved out. 

We’ll get cracking with closing down all of your services for you and calculate any changes to your bill.  

If you have a Virgin Superhub (fancy name for router) you’ll be sent a pre-paid returns pack so that you can send it back. 

You’ll also need to provide closing meter readings for your gas, electric and water just before you move out. 

If you’ve had Virgin Media broadband with usyou’ll need to return your Virgin Media Super Hub to Virgin Media.

It’s super simple to return as we’ll send you a pre-paid return pack to your house before your account ends. If you’re planning on moving out more than 4 weeks before your account ends with us, simply bring your Super Hub with you and follow this link to get a Virgin return pack sent to an alternative address: 

Send My Virgin Returns Pack Here

Your usual monthly payment covers your bills for one month. Based on when you were last billed, and when you have told us you are moving out, we will calculate your last monthly payment. This may be more or less than usual. 

Broadband & TV Licence are subject to a 12-month minimum contract. If your Split The Bills contract was less than 12-months there may be an additional payment to be made to cover the remainder of your Broadband contract and annual TV Licence. This will be included in your last monthly payment. 

Finally, iyou chose a fixed allowance energy package with us, such as our Eco Saver package, we will review your energy consumption in comparison to your plan allowance. If you have used more than your allowance, you may need to make an additional payment. This usually takes around 12 weeks from your account end date and we will let you know if there is an additional bill to pay. 

If you chose an Unlimited Energy plan – there’s no extra bill for energy consumption to worry about – winner!  

We will let you know about any changes to your payment at least 7 days before your payment date and all charges will be split equally between all housemates. 

When you join Split The Bills, your first bill is generated on your start date and covers the next 30 days. The payment is then either collected on the 1st or the 15th of the month. 

When it comes to your last bill, we calculate the number of days to bill you for from when you were last billed up to your end date. For example, if your account had started on the 1st July it would look something like this: 

  • First bill – 1st July – 31st July 
  • Payment collected – 15th July 
  • Most recent bill – 1st May– 31st May 
  • Payment collected – 15th May 
  • Moving out 25th June 
  • Last bill 1st June– 25th June (only billed for 25 days instead of 30) 
  • Payment collected – 15th June 

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