Your Split Tariff Explained.

We want to make sure you know everything there is to know about your payments before we get going. That's why we've put together the info below, explaining how your tariffs are calculated and exactly where your money will be spent.

Let's Break It Down

When it comes to gas and electricity, we like to keep it simple. We have one tariff, with no standing charges. This means you'll only pay for the energy you use and, unlike other energy companies, we don't charge a fixed daily rate. So if you're not using any energy, you're not being charged - the only tariff designed for people not living in a house all year round.

As for your TV and broadband tariffs, they can be as cheap or as pricey as you make them - it all depends on which broadband speeds you opt for.

Finally, the cost of your water services and your TV Licence will always match those set by the local provider and the UK government respectively, as we always match them like for like, never charging so much as a single penny more.

Energy Prices

Gas Prices

Our gas prices are the same no matter where you are in the UK and are inclusive of 5% VAT.

Standing charge (pence per day) Unit rate (pence per kWh)
0 4.80

Electric Prices In Your Area

Your electricity rates are specific to the area you live in, as network operators charge different rates in different parts of the UK (see below). All of our prices are inclusive of 5% VAT.

Standing charge (pence per day) Unit rate (pence per kWh)
- -

Water Prices

Your fresh water and sewerage costs depend entirely on what your local water company charges, as with us, you pay exactly the same as going direct and not a penny more.

Broadband Packages

As well as the prices shown here, our broadband packages may also be subject to an additional installation fee, the cost of which will differ depending on the provider and package that you choose.

The figures quoted for Broadband are inclusive of landline rental. However, those for Virgin Media Fibre Optic Broadband are not, as a landline is not required in order to take this service.

If you wish to cancel your broadband before the end of your contract, both providers may require you to pay the rest of your contract in full.

Virgin Media Fibre Optic Broadband *

VIVID 50 - 50Mb (per month) VIVID 100 - 100Mb (per month) VIVID 200 - 200Mb (per month) VIVID 300 - 300Mb (per month)
£44.00 £50.99 £57.50 £64.00

* Virgin Broadband packages are a 9 month contract

Plusnet Broadband

Standard Unlimited - up to 20Mbps* (per month) Fibre - up to 80Mbps** (per month) Broadband Activation Fee (one off)
£35.00 £49.99 £39.99

* Standard Broadband packages are a 9 month contract
** Fibre Broadband packages are a 12 month minimum contract.

Missed Installs

Missed Install(Mon-Fri) Missed Install(Saturday) Missed Install(Sundays & Public Holidays)
£102.00 £132.00 £156.00

Engineer Visits (End User Fault)

Engineer Visit(Mon-Fri) Engineer Visit(Saturday) Engineer Visit(Sundays & Public Holidays)
£172.80 £180.00 £216.00

Router Replacements

Standard Broadband Router Replacement Fibre Broadband Router Replacement
£42.00 £78.00

TV Licence

The current price for a Colour TV licence, as set by the UK government, is £147.00; exactly the same as what you'll pay with us.

We don't do hidden fees

We're open and honest about how we work, as well as where your money is spent, so you can rest assured that you won't come across any nasty surprises later down the line. In order to cover your account setup costs, an initial £14.99 set up fee is included within each housemate's first payment. From then on, in order for us to manage your utilities efficiently, we include a £1.50 per week "Split Fee" within each monthly bill. That's it, nothing more - not now, not ever.

Late Payment Fee

Should any of your monthly payments bounce, a £5 fee will be added to your account, however, this will be removed should you make a successful payment within the following seven days.

Cancelled Instruction Fee

Should you cancel your direct debit instruction when you are still due to make a payment, a £10 fee will be added to your account, however, this amount will be halved should you then make the payment within seven days of the original direct debit date.

About Your Payment Plan

At the beginning of each month, we'll send you a personal payment plan covering the costs of your utilities for the month ahead. This is usually debited from your bank account on or around the 15th of each month.

Think of us as your joint piggy bank. Each month, you and your housemates contribute a set amount towards your services, which sits in your piggy bank. We use this money to pay your bills, as and when we get them.

To make your life easier, you pay a little extra for us to manage your bills. We believe the best way to do so is for you to pay the same amount into your piggy bank from the offset, which includes the costs of all services.

This will build up credit on your account to cover things like higher energy usage in the winter, or the movie you're dying to download for duvet day.

As we pay some bills in advance, others in arrears (depending on the supplier), by you contributing in full from day 1, it helps make sure your bills are paid spot on.

The last thing we'd want is for you to end up falling into debt, so by paying this way, it'll help to avoid that happening.

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