Newcastle is a popular city among students, with roughly 42,000 students currently residing in the area. Many students flock to Newcastle for the vibrant nightlife, affordable housing, cultural landscape and great work opportunities.

The city is a busy place that is guaranteed to provide a full University experience that all students hope for. Newcastle city centre is home to an array of fantastic nightlife and entertainment and is also a great place to grab a bite to eat after a day of browsing through the shops. If you want to experience Newcastle but want to venture away from the city centre – Jesmond, Sandyford, and Heaton are also great student areas.

Here, we guide you through choosing the best place to live in Newcastle to help you to find the perfect student accommodation.

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What makes Newcastle a popular student city?

The buzzing nightlife

Newcastle is renowned for its great student life and highly acclaimed University. The University itself hosts many fantastic events throughout the city – there are many nightclubs to choose from that host various student nights and themed events. Popular nightclubs in the city include Digital and Tup Tup Place, which is an Eastern-inspired club filled with lavish interior, waterfalls and private booths.


A variety of entertainment options

If you do not feel like clubbing, Newcastle has many other fun activities on offer. You may find yourself knocking down pins in the boutique bowling alleys or listening to a local band at one of many live music venues. If you want to immerse yourself in culture, you could take a trip to a local theatre and make the most of the talent that the city has to offer.

A tasty selection of restaurants and cafes

If there’s one thing that students need, it’s good food! Newcastle definitely does not skimp on great places to eat and has many affordable options for students who want to stick to a budget. The best thing about food in Newcastle is that you don’t have to break the bank to get delicious food. The city was actually the founding location of renowned bakery, Greggs- a nationwide favourite for pastries, doughnuts and of course, sausage rolls! Another affordable yet scrumptious eatery that is loved by the students of Newcastle is the Moulin Rouge Cafe and Grill. The cafe serves an excellent selection of Middle Eastern cuisine and has options for vegan, gluten-free and halal, so there is something on the menu for everyone!

Popular student areas in Newcastle


Jesmond is one of the oldest suburbs in Newcastle and is a hotspot for students, socialites and foodies. Jesmond is a fashionable district with beautiful scenery and a fantastic bar scene, but you will also find many great spots for a good brunch!

The average price of student accommodation in Newcastle is anywhere between £335-£715 per month, and Jesmond definitely has some fantastic places available that won’t stretch your student budget. A nicely furnished room in a cosy three-bedroom house will cost you little more than £100 per week. The houses in Jesmond all have their own character and make the perfect home away from home.

You can view a large range of student houses available in Jesmond here.


Heaton is a small town that seems fairly simple at first but holds many hidden treasures that make it a great place for students.

A room in a student house in Heaton can range anywhere from £70 per week to £185 per week. Most rooms come fully furnished, and living here puts you just a short bus ride from Newcastle University.

You can view a variety of student houses in Heaton here.


Sandyford is just a short walk from the Newcastle University campus and is close to a number of takeouts that come in very useful to University students! Sandyford is also a great spot for beauty salons, taking a summer evening stroll or having a picnic on one of the many green spaces in the area.

Sandyford is quieter than Jesmond and Heaton but is still a heavily student populated area, so you will definitely be able to make friends! You can find nice rooms in Sandyford for around £100 per week, but many will cost less than this. Living in this area will save you money on a bus fare to University each day, which makes it a great option for those with a tight budget.

You can view more available houses in Sandyford here.

The City Center

If you want to be at the heart of nights out and entertainment, the city centre of Newcastle may be the best location for your student living. The city centre is packed with art, culture and entertainment and is a popular destination for tourists and students alike.

City centre accommodation is slightly pricier than other areas of Newcastle; however, the vibrant life of the city definitely makes up for this! Rooms in a house start from £76 per week but can range up to £250 per week. If you want to live in the city centre, you should start looking early to grab the cheaper places.

Interested in a student house in the city centre? View a wide selection of Newcastle city centre student houses here.

Student halls

Student halls are a great way to make lifelong friends whilst at University. Luckily, Newcastle has a range of halls available, and first-year students are guaranteed a place. In a student hall, rent will often cover bills, which means that you will only have to worry about one payment each month.

Privately owned halls start from around £115 per week, and halls owned by Newcastle University start at just £93 per week. There are both undergraduate and postgraduate halls available to rent, and they make the perfect home for anyone who is new to the city and wants a little more protection than you would get in a house.

What are the main factors to consider when choosing a student location and accommodation?

Local amenities

You want a location that is within walking distance of some bars or clubs to save you paying for taxis on every night out!

Distance to University

The best student accommodations are within walking distance of the University. This makes it easy to get to lectures or to pop into the library to study.


Good public transport is a must if you want to explore the local area, get to a part-time job or even visit friends at other universities.


One of the main things to consider is whether bills are inclusive or non-inclusive. Inclusive bills are often easier to handle because you only have to worry about one payment, however, this type of accommodation is often more expensive!

Are bills not included in your rent price?

Don’t worry – Split The Bills can find the best and cheapest providers for you and bundle all your bills into one easy payment. This means you don’t have to have awkward conversations with your housemates about who’s sorting the electricity bill or how much the gas bill is. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of just having one easy-to-manage payment to make each month and spend more time enjoying student life!

  • Choose from our energy packages, superfast broadband, water and a TV licence.
  • Pay the same fixed amount every month and don’t worry about bills!
  • Avoid arguments by everyone paying the same share.
  • We set up the utilities for your house – so sit back, and relax!
  • Less time worrying about bills = more time to enjoy being a student!
Find out more about how Split the Bills can help here.

Number of rooms/housemates

Sharing a flat or house can be great fun, but others may prefer the quiet of having your own place. You should think about how much you would like to live with multiple other people before you settle on accommodation.

Flat or house?

Another thing to think about when choosing uni accommodation is whether you would prefer to live in a flat or in a house. Houses come with gardens and often have lots of space, whereas flats can be cheaper and may have fewer rooms/housemates.

The rent price

Rent price can differ depending on the area you choose to live in, as well as whether you rent in a house or flat. For example, houses in the city centre are slightly more expensive to rent than other areas, however, you may want to live at the heart of the hustle and bustle in Newcastle.

What are the different types of student accommodation in Newcastle?

Newcastle offers a range of great accommodation for students, whether you have a comfortable amount to spend or you are trying to find something on the cheaper side. Most first-year students will live in student halls, which generally come with bills included and are a great way to make friends.

Come the second year of University, many students will move from halls into shared houses or flats. There are plenty of good houses located around different areas of Newcastle, so you will definitely be able to find a place that is within walking distance of everything that you need. Houses are a popular choice for larger groups of friends, whereas flats are often more suitable for smaller groups.

Frequently asked questions

How much rent does a student pay for halls in Newcastle?

Student halls in Newcastle can range from just £97 per week to £159 per week. The price of student halls depends on the type of room that you rent and the location of the building.

Why choose to live in Jesmond?

Jesmond is one of the most stylish parts of Newcastle. The area is also a great place for nightlife and culture.

What is the best accommodation at Newcastle University?

Barker House has been given high ratings and is said to be one of the best types of student accommodation in Newcastle. The halls are kept very clean and there is always an activity going on to be a part of.

Can you rent student housing as a couple?

There are plenty of studio flats, 2-bed houses and even 1-bed houses that can be rented by couples in Newcastle. Renting as a couple will lower the price that you pay and is a popular option for many students.

Is Newcastle a good student city?

Newcastle is one of the best student cities in the UK thanks to its abundant nightlife, affordable living costs and fantastic culture. There is always something to do in Newcastle.

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