Whether you prefer never-ending pub crawls or beautiful countryside ambles, Newcastle has something for everyone. Best known for its buzzing nightlife, the city is packed to the brim with pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants. With a student community of over 40,000, you’re sure to have a good time.

With cosmopolitan culture and rich history, Newcastle also offers the Baltic Museum showcasing contemporary art and the famous Hadrian’s Wall.

Arguably the most popular area for student housing in Newcastle – Jesmond offers a vast range of restaurants, bars, convenient transport links and other perks. In this guide, we explain the key benefits of living in Jesmond, exploring how it compares to other student areas in Newcastle and how to choose accommodation in Jesmond.

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Find out why Newcastle is so popular among students.

Read the key benefits of Jesmond and what it has to offer for students.

Read our guide to your options of accommodation in Jesmond.

Read our tips on what factors to consider when choosing your student accommodation.

Find out how Jesmond compares to other popular student areas in Newcastle.

We answer frequently asked questions on choosing student accommodation in Jesmond.

What makes Newcastle a popular student city?

Newcastle enjoys the benefits of a busy city whilst actually only covering a small patch, which means that as a student, you have not only got plenty to see and do, but most attractions are within walking distance. Similarly, whilst Newcastle has all the offerings of a big exciting city, it’s also a lot easier on your bank account, so you can actually get involved in everything the city has to offer without worrying too much about your savings.

There are loads of different pockets of student communities, each with its own atmosphere and culture. But Newcastle isn’t just a student town, so you’ll actually get to know the city itself rather than just the university campus.

Millennium Bridge Newcastle

Why choose Jesmond?

One of Newcastle’s hippest neighbourhoods, Jesmond really ticks every box. With amazing nightlife, beautiful old architecture and beaches, Newcastle has the whole package. Newcastle city centre is also close to both Newcastle University and Northumbria University.

A vast range of boutiques, restaurants and bars

Over the past decade or so, lots of urbanite folk have discovered Jesmond and have been contributing to the already impressive array of independent boutiques, restaurants and bars, making it one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods across the UK.

Impressive food and drink venues

Drop into the Londsdale for a pint and some proper pub grub, or take yourself to Dabbawal for some authentic Indian street food. Enjoy a thin-crust pizza at family-run Francesca’s, or get yourself down to As You Like It for a dance to some great live music.

The beautiful Jesmond Dene

If you fancy a summer picnic or a weekend walk, Jesmond Dene is right on your doorstep. A beautiful wooded park running alongside the river Ouseburn, the Dene boasts some spectacular wildlife.

Excellent transport links

Jesmond also has great transport links to both the city centre and further afield if you want to get away. And if you want to stay on your feet, Newcastle’s centre is only a 30-minute walk away.

What are the different types of student accommodation in Jesmond?

Much like any other university locations, you can pick between student flatshares and house shares. Each has its benefits, and the best option for you depends on how many people you want to live with, as well as your budget.

View a range of student housing available in Jesmond here.

What to consider when choosing student accommodation in Jesmond

Rent price

Jesmond has some incredibly beautiful student accommodation, but it’s a bit more of a stretch on the pocket. If you’re looking for something a bit more budget-friendly, there are definitely plenty of options, and you can still enjoy all the benefits of the neighbourhood. Make sure you’ve got your budget in mind when looking, or you might fall in love with the wrong flat.

Have a look at some available student houses in Jesmond to get an idea of rent prices.

All-inclusive vs non-inclusive bills

A bills-inclusive property can save the headache of juggling direct debits and dealing with missed payments, and a bills-inclusive rent agreement is very common among student properties. On the other hand, if your bills aren’t included in the rent price, you’ll have to work out all the house bills and how to split them evenly amongst yourselves.

However, if your rent agreement isn’t inclusive to bills, services such as Split The Bills find the best and cheapest providers for you, so you don’t have to have awkward conversations with your housemates about who’s sorting the electricity bill or how much the gas bill is.

Are bills not included in your rent price?

Don’t worry – Split The Bills can find the best and cheapest providers for you and bundle all your bills into one easy payment. This means you don’t have to have awkward conversations with your housemates about who’s sorting the electricity bill or how much the gas bill is. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of just having one easy-to-manage payment to make each month and spend more time enjoying student life!

  • Choose from our energy packages, superfast broadband, water and a TV licence.
  • Pay the same fixed amount every month and don’t worry about bills!
  • Avoid arguments by everyone paying the same share.
  • We set up the utilities for your house – so sit back, and relax!
  • Less time worrying about bills = more time to enjoy being a student!
Find out more about how Split the Bills can help here.

Local amenities

Jesmond has something for everyone, including gyms, bars, coffee shops, beautiful parks and a lovely community. Whilst Newcastle is a walking city, on the whole, Jesmond really lays everything at your doorstep. If you’re looking for a quiet area to live in, Jesmond may not be the best option.

Number of rooms/housemates

Consider how many housemates you want and how many people you would feel comfortable living with. Some people prefer living with a large group, whereas other people prefer living with a smaller group.

Flat or house?

You also need to consider whether you would rather live in a flat or in a house. Houses come with gardens and are ideal if you prioritise a lot of space, whereas flats can be cheaper and may have fewer rooms/housemates.

How does Jesmond compare to other student areas in Newcastle?


Another up-and-coming neighbourhood – Heaton is also close to the university campuses and the city centre and has plenty of bars and restaurants.

Average rent

The average rent price for Heaton comes up a little cheaper than Jesmond at around £80 a week.


Heaton is a fairly cheap area to rent; however it is still close to all the amenities.

How does it compare to Jesmond?

Heaton shares a lot of the benefits of Jesmond, including a lovely big park, and it’s a little bit less expensive, but it’s also a bit quieter and doesn’t have quite the same exciting atmosphere.

View a range of student houses available in Heaton here.


Sandyford is outside the city centre, and as close to the action as you can really get without paying too much for it.

Average rent

Sandyford costs around £100 per week to rent in Sandyford.


With a majority student population, you can enjoy a more campus-y atmosphere, plus it’s only a short walk from both Jesmond and Heaton.

How does it compare to Jesmond?

You won’t get the same mix of community, as it’s largely an area for student housing. But, as Newcastle is a fairly walkable city, you’ll be able to explore surrounding neighbourhoods pretty easily.

Are you looking for somewhere to rent in Sandyford? View a selection of student homes in Sandyford here.

The City Centre

Famous for its rowdy nightlife and bustling day trade, the city is full of popular bars and clubs, as well as plenty of shopping centres and arcades.

Average rent

It costs around £125 per week to rent in the city centre.


If you want to live in a modern flat right in the thick of it, the city centre’s the spot for you. It’s only a short walk from campuses and another short walk to surrounding neighbourhoods such as Jesmond and Heaton.

How does it compare to Jesmond?

You don’t have the same architecturally beautiful accommodation, and the vibe is a little less picturesque, but it does what it says on the tin; in the city centre, you are at the very centre of the action.

View yourView your options of student housing in the city centre here.

Student halls

Student halls epitomise the university experience, living on or as close to campus as possible in ready-made accommodation.

Average rent

Rent prices vary anywhere from around £100 to well over £200 depending on location and amenities.


If you’re in your first year and don’t know anyone yet, or you’d just prefer not to have the hassle of finding a group of people to get along with, student halls provide you with prepackaged accommodation, covering all the basics, including catering and an en suite if you want to splash out, and there’s quite a lot of flexibility with term-time tenancy agreements.

How does it compare to Jesmond?

Staying in halls is a true university experience, but it’s not really a true Newcastle experience. Student halls are almost self-contained villages, which means you might miss what’s going on outside the campus walls.

Frequently asked questions – Student housing in Jesmond

How much rent does a student pay for student halls in Newcastle?

On average, students pay anywhere between £100-£200.

What makes good accommodation?

There are multiple factors, and you have to decide what you want out of your accommodation before considering what would be best.

Why choose to live in Jesmond?

It is easily the most sought-after area for student accommodation, and for a good reason. A small neighbourhood packed to the brim, it’s got something of everything, and it’s all right on your doorstep.

Can you rent student housing as a couple?

Student halls will have their own rules about renting as a couple, but for private flat and house shares, it’s down to the landlord and your prospective house/flatmates.

Is Newcastle a good student city?

Newcastle is a great city in general; however, its range of entertainment venues, affordable prices and culture make it particularly ideal for students.

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