The thriving North Eastern city of Newcastle has become an increasingly popular choice for those looking for the best from their student life. With an incredible city centre that has an eclectic nightlife scene, as well as fantastic shopping and opportunities to experience all kinds of cultural activities, Newcastle is a great university city.

Sandyford is a popular option for student accommodation, and here we examine how much it costs to rent in Sandyford and how Sandyford compares to other popular areas. We also discuss the accommodation options available, and the main factors to consider when looking at student property.

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How much does it cost to rent accommodation in Sandyford?

Renting in the Sandyford area of Newcastle is a popular choice for many students, with the price of a shared student house costing from around £300 per person per calendar month up to around £550 per person per calendar month for a room.

At the lower end, this is a notably lower cost than some other popular student cities such as Sheffield, where the lower end cost of renting a room in a shared house is roughly £400 per person per calendar month. Accommodation in Sandyford is also slightly cheaper than southern university locations such as Exeter, where shared housing can cost between £400 and £500 per person per calendar month for a room.

Are you interested in viewing your options? You can view a wide range of properties in Sandyford here.

How does Sandyford compare to other areas such as Jesmond and Heaton?

Sandyford is often chosen by students as a top choice when renting in Newcastle. There is a huge amount of student housing, which means there is an excellent variety for all different kinds of students.

Being within walking distance to Newcastle City Centre, Sandyford is also walkable to the university. This means that students can enjoy the best of both worlds – the hustle and bustle of the city while having a more chilled out place to go home to. Sandyford itself has plenty to offer, with a supermarket, plenty of takeaway restaurants, and lovely Heaton Park closeby for getting some outdoor exercise and hanging out with friends.

Another very popular spot for students is also a ten-minute walk from the city centre; Jesmond is a suburban space which is enjoyed by a young professional population and students alike. It boasts many terraced houses and converted flats, and this can be great for those looking to rent in larger groups. Jesmond has an excellent range of bars and restaurants and is beloved by students, but smaller properties can be more difficult to source. However, Jesmond does have two easily accessible Metro stations, making the city even easier to get to, which may sway students in its favour.

Heaton is another place that students love to live in, with private landlords letting out plenty of properties here. Only certain parts of Heaton are easily walkable from the city centre, but Metro stations make it accessible for students. Heaton itself is bustling with great cafes and restaurants, with plenty of takeaways for student nights in.

Sandyford sits in between Jesmond and Heaton and offers the best of both of these, with a fantastic range of accommodation choices and amenities for students.

The accommodation options in Sandyford

Sandyford is a fantastic location with a diverse range of different housing options for students who wish to rent through the university or privately.

There are houses available with up to six bedrooms suitable for sharing; however, you will also find smaller houses that can be rented by fewer students and houses that may be appropriate for students who have families or wish to live alone.

If you do wish to live by yourself, there are studio flats available, as well as one and two-bedroom options. Larger flats are also on offer for those who wish to share with more of their students.

It is also possible to simply move into a room in an existing shared house or flat, which is a great idea for those who do not have a group of friends they wish to move in with but do not want to live in student halls.

students in the kitchen sharing accommodation

What are the main factors to consider when choosing student accommodation?

If you are thinking of choosing a student house in Sandyford, there are several factors that you will need to take into consideration before making your choice. The first thing to consider is the rent price, how much you are willing to pay and for what kind of space you will choose. How many rooms does the student accommodation have, and how many other people are you likely to be living with?

It is worth taking into account whether you would rather live in a flat or a house. This can be because of accessibility issues or simply because you may want to live with fewer or more people or prefer a certain type of building. A house, for example, can offer more distance from other people than a flat, where you are all on the same level at all times.

You need to consider the role that bills will play in your choice; some student accommodation offers the option of inclusive bills, while some properties will be non-inclusive of bills.

Should you find yourself in a non-inclusive property, a bill splitting service such as Split the Bills can help you to streamline the way you and your fellow students pay your bills, preventing disagreements on amounts owed and allowing you to budget more effectively both individually and as a household. We also offer great advice for students on how to manage bills when moving into shared housing.

You can find out more about our bill splitting service here.

Outside of your student property, you will want to assess which local amenities are important to you, such as a supermarket and the potential to access cafes and bars.

When it comes to the position of the property, see how far it is from the university itself. Are you within walking distance, or do you need to assess how frequently public transport is available? This could be very important to your education and to the ultimate choice of whether Sandyford is the right option for you.

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