If you’re currently trying to navigate your way around choosing a university, Newcastle is an option that has no doubt been mentioned by your peers or has perhaps appeared in your google search. Newcastle University is popular with students from around the world thanks to its outstanding teaching services, which have placed the institution among the top 160 in the world, and also the enchanting city that sits right on its doorstep.

The city of Newcastle is home to an array of entertainment, culture, history and attractions for everyone to enjoy. This Northern corner of the UK may not be what comes to mind when you first think about great student cities; however, Newcastle really does have a lot on offer and could be the perfect home away from home for this next chapter of your life.

One aspect of Newcastle that draws the attention of many students each year is the very affordable cost of living. Compared to other areas of the UK, Newcastle accommodation is far more affordable, and the large city location makes it easy for students to get part-time work to fund their studies.

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Find out how to choose between inclusive and non-inclusive bills agreements.

We answer frequently asked questions on choosing student accommodation in Newcastle.

How much does it cost to rent in Newcastle as a student?

The average cost of student accommodation in Newcastle is around £94 per week for a shared student house or £148 per week for a room in a hall of residence.

The cost to rent accommodation in Newcastle will depend on location. Student housing in the city centre ranges from £74 per week to £266 per week. Higher prices often reflect a newer build, bigger rooms or even better furnishings. The city centre is ideal for students who are seeking a busy nightlife and the experience of exploring a brand-new city.

If you aren’t interested in living deep in the city centre, you might want to look for student housing in Jesmond, Heaton or Sandyford. These areas are all close to Newcastle University, which will make it easy for you to commute to and from your studies. Cheap houses in these areas start at around £60 per week, and the more expensive options can be rented for around £110 per week. The cost of renting student housing can be made easy by using a bill splitting service which will evenly share all monthly living costs between each person in the house.

Just because these areas aren’t at the heart of the city, it doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice your social life. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, clubs, and pubs dotted all around Newcastle that are very popular with students.

What are the different types of student accommodation in Newcastle?

Newcastle is a big city, which means that there are plenty of accommodation options available for students to choose from. Whether you want to experience living in student halls or fancy sharing a house, you will definitely be able to find a great place to live whilst you study.

Houses in Newcastle

There are many shared housing options available in Newcastle that you could rent with friends or join with people who are completely new. Most students will share houses in their second year of study, once they have made some friends who they don’t mind living with! The advantages of a shared house are that you and your housemates can host parties and other social events without having to worry about surrounding flats (unlike in halls of residence). Houses are a homely option that you can truly make your own! They are a great option to choose if you are comfortable living closely with others and enjoy complete independence.

View a range of student houses in Newcastle here.

Flats in Newcastle

The city of Newcastle hosts many flats and apartments that are perfect for students. Flats are often popular with couples who want their own place or people who wish to live alone whilst at uni. When you rent a flat, you get your own bedroom, bathroom and living space. The largest apartment available to rent in Newcastle is a 3-bed, which could be great for a close group of friends.

View a diverse range of flats in Newcastle here!

Living in a student hall

Student halls are ideal for first-year students who are still adjusting to life away from home. University accommodation provides you with your own room along with a shared kitchen with a few other students from the university. Some halls are catered, which means that students get meals prepared for them, whilst others have large kitchens for self-catering. Halls are a great place to meet other students and to start living independently whilst still having staff on-site to help you with any problems.

What are the main factors to consider when choosing student accommodation?

Choosing your student accommodation can seem daunting. To make it a little easier – there are a few things that you should consider when choosing the best option for you:

  • What is the cost of rent?
  • Is the accommodation within walking distance from local amenities?
  • How far is the accommodation located from the university?
  • Is there public transport available nearby?
  • Are the bills inclusive or non-inclusive?
  • How many rooms are in the rental student property?
  • Do you want to rent a flat or a house?
  • Would you like your own space or a house share?
Student learning

Choosing between inclusive and non-inclusive bills

When you start looking through accommodation options, you will probably see that some are classed and ‘bills included’ whilst others are ‘bills not included’. Bills included means that all household bills are included in the monthly rent price that you pay; this is often why these accommodation options are more expensive.

A non-inclusive option means that you and your housemates will need to pay household bills, such as water and electricity, separately from your rent payment. This often means that rent is cheaper; however, it can be tricky to organise paying each house member’s share of the bills on time each month. Luckily, companies like Split The Bills offer an easy solution that makes it easy for housemates to calculate monthly bills and share them easily between the house.

Are bills not included in your rent price?

Don’t worry – Split The Bills can find the best and cheapest providers for you and bundle all your bills into one easy payment. This means you don’t have to have awkward conversations with your housemates about who’s sorting the electricity bill or how much the gas bill is. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of just having one easy-to-manage payment to make each month and spend more time enjoying student life!

  • Choose from our energy packages, superfast broadband, water and a TV licence.
  • Pay the same fixed amount every month and don’t worry about bills!
  • Avoid arguments by everyone paying the same share.
  • We set up the utilities for your house – so sit back, and relax!
  • Less time worrying about bills = more time to enjoy being a student!
Find out more about how Split the Bills can help here.

Frequently asked questions

How much rent does a student pay for student halls in Newcastle?

The average cost per week to live in student halls in Newcastle is £120, but this price will vary depending on the type of room that you rent.

What makes good accommodation?

Whether or not an accommodation is good will depend entirely on your preferences. In general, good accommodation is within walking distance from the university and close to nightlife and other social activities while being affordable and clean.

Why choose to live in Jesmond?

Jesmond is a popular student area and is also one of the most affluent areas in Newcastle. The area is popular because it hosts a variety of bars and restaurants that make for great evenings with friends.

What is the best accommodation at Newcastle university?

For first-year students, halls of residence are always a great accommodation option as they are the perfect place to meet new people. However, many of the houses and flats available in Newcastle make for great student homes.

Can you rent student housing as a couple?

Yes! Couples can rent studio flats in and around Newcastle or could opt for a cosy two bed if they would prefer. The cost of renting as a couple is often cheaper because the rent is split between two people.

Is Newcastle a good student city?

Newcastle is among the top 160 universities in the world, and much of this is thanks to the vibrant city in which it is located. Newcastle city centre has the perfect mixture of nightlife, history and places of natural beauty that make it a great place for any student to live.

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