Freshers Week 2023 is rapidly approaching, and if you’re a soon-to-be first year, it’s essential you make the most of this unforgettable experience. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to socialise with other students and get a real taste of university life!

We’ve covered everything you need to know about Freshers Week to guarantee you’ll have a great experience.

What is Freshers Week?

You might have heard of Freshers Week (or Welcome Week as it’s sometimes called), but you might not know exactly what it involves. Although every UK university’s Freshers Week is a bit different, every week is designed to welcome new students to uni life, give you a chance to make new friends and learn more about your course.

They’ll typically be a mix of admin, academic and social events you can attend. There might be a couple of compulsory events, such as student registration or talks about your course or department, but mostly, you’ll be free to pick and choose what stuff you want to do.

The social events make Freshers Week what it is, so try and get involved with as much stuff as possible. From club nights to fairs, there’ll be a tonne of stuff on offer. You won’t have any seminars or lectures to worry about yet, so it’s up to you what you do with your time!

When is Freshers Week?

Freshers Week is usually the first week at university, but some universities have two weeks of Freshers Week. Typically, this is mid or late September, but you’ll need to check your university website or timetable for the exact dates to ensure you don’t miss it!

Do you have to go to Freshers Week?

If you’re not a super social person, you might wonder if attending Freshers Week is compulsory…

The short answer is no; most events aren’t compulsory except for some admin tasks or academic talks. Any events you must attend will be clearly marked on your timetable. None of the social events will be compulsory.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try attending as many events as possible to make the most of your Freshers Week experience. There’ll be a tonne of events and activities during the day and night, so it’s easy to pick the stuff that appeals to you!

Is Freshers Week only for first years?

Many people think Freshers Week is only for first-year students, which is only partially true. Although some events will be exclusively for freshers, other events will be for all students. Organised student nights out will typically be reserved for the first years, but things like the Freshers Fair or other daytime events will be open to all. Check your university timetable if you’re not sure.

5 tips to make the most of your Freshers Week

Follow Split the Bills’ top tips to ensure you have the best Freshers Week possible!

Pay attention to your timetable

Your uni will have a timetable with all the Freshers Week events – look out for an email or check your uni website so you don’t miss out on the best student experience.

Try to make friends with your housemates

You’ll be living with your housemates all academic year, so it makes sense to try and connect with them, but don’t feel like you have to be besties – Freshers Week gives you loads of chances to meet new people. It’s easy to find lots of people who share your interests, are on your course, or play the same sport as you.

Don’t overdo it

Freshers Week is jam-packed with events, but don’t feel like you have to attend everything. There’s no shame in taking a day off to rest and chill. Getting enough sleep and eating well will help you avoid the dreaded Freshers Flu.

Attend all compulsory events

You have to attend some events because they’re essential admin tasks or academic talks that will give you some much-needed information about your course. Always prioritise compulsory events over optional ones.

Don’t spend too much of your student loan

Once you get your first student loan payment, it can be tempting to blow it all at once – it might be the most money you’ve ever had in your bank account. However, remember that this money has to last you the entire term!

Check out our guide on how to budget money as a student for more info on managing your finances and saving money.


Best Freshers Weeks

Below, we’ll give you a rundown of a couple of the biggest Freshers Weeks so you can get a sense of what kinds of activities and events will be at your uni.

University of Sheffield Freshers Week

Make the most of this Freshers Week with some of Sheffield’s best nights out at their Student Union, Foundry (named best club in Sheffield in the 2023 Exposed Awards!). If clubbing is not your thing, check out their Freshers Market and Freshers Fair, with many fantastic freebies. They also have a variety of Give it Go activities full of taster sessions organised by clubs and societies.

University of Manchester Freshers Week

The University of Manchester has a lot on this September, from a fun-filled bingo club night to an old-school roller disco! There are also loads of more peaceful activities, including yoga, crafting, art and film nights.

University of Kent Welcome Week

There are many welcome events aimed at freshers and returning students alike, with loads of daytime activities, ranging from keyring making to a rodeo bull. There’s also their popular Monday Funday, where you can try rock climbing and laser tag.

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